The young Brit announced on his Twitter that he's looking forward to a quick recovery.

13:40, 17 Mar 2020

Eoghan "Smex" O'Neill has announced on his twitter that he’s recovering from heart valve replacement surgery. The British offtank player had been missing for the first couple of matches the Paris Eternal had played this season in the OWL. He hopes to make recovery soon and to be able to help out his team quickly.

In his tweets, the 21-year-old explained that he had not been feeling well in the pre-season and had sought out medical help in the U.K., eventually leading to requiring surgery. Smex thanked his organisation for their support and said that his spirits were already up after the procedure. Expressing some concerns due to COVID-19 in his current state of health, he still said that he’s looking forward to being an asset to his team.

Smex had been picked up by the Paris Eternal in the pre-season after solid performances in Contenders for the Montreal Rebellion and the World Cup had put him on the map.

The Paris Eternal had to play their first set of matches without a dedicated offtank player due to Han-been "Hanbin" Choi not being eligible to play at the start of the season due to age restrictions. They were forced to instead field two main tank players initially. Despite those initial complications, the Paris Eternal are sitting at a 4-2 scoreline with a big victory against the Philadelphia Fusion two weeks ago.


Image courtesy of 7Lions.

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