With Astralis and Na'Vi poised to make the final, it did not go to plan for both teams.

14:49, 08 Dec 2019

It may have already been the fifth day of the ESL Pro League S10 finals, but the action showed no indication of slowing down. Quite the opposite, in fact! The two series deciding the event's Grand Finalists saw all four teams give it their all.

Natus Vincere - Fnatic

In the first of the day, it was Fnatic who started strong on Inferno. Aleksandr "s1mple" Kostyliev wasn't having any of it though. Showing why he's considered one, if not the best in the world, he converted a triple frag with the Desert Eagle into a 16-14 map victory.

S1mple carries his team to victory on Inferno

The second set on Nuke started out a more balanced affair, despite Denis "electronic" Sharipov racking up the kills in the first half. Fnatic's strong offense would prove too much for Na'Vi on T-side, however, taking it 11-16.

This left Overpass, which the Swedes took 6-16. It would be the first time in 3.5 years that they beat their opponents.

Astralis - mousesports

From the start, Astralis had their hands full with mousesports' unpredictable play. This resulted in a chaotic first map on Train. Mouseports built a slight lead, but it would be Astralis who closed out the first half 10-5. Yet on CT side, mouse staged a comeback. It took them double overtime to do so, but the 19-22 scoreline put their opponents on notice.

And notice they did. While the first half on Overpass was a back-and-forth affair, the Danes completely ran away with the game in the second. Turning 7-8 into a 16-9 win, it would all come down to the next map.

The final meeting would play out on Dust 2 and it lived up to expectations. Again mousesports got behind, but at this point that wouldn't faze them anymore. Hanging on by the skin of their teeth, as well as some sick plays from Özgür "woxic" Eker, the squad managed the 14-16 upset, denying Astralis another home finals.

woxic takes down three for the win

Instead, it will be mousesports and Fnatic facing off tonight. The match starts at 16:00 CET and if it’s anything like last night's games, you owe it to yourself to be there.

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