Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney has admitted he goes undercover in Fortnite and has competed in over 1,600 games.

15:00, 19 Sep 2020

If it's good enough for Tim Sweeney, it's good enough for us. It turns out the Epic Games CEO has played a whopping 1,600 game of Fortnite - and you never even knew it was him. With Epic's battle royale bruiser going from strength to strength and continuously adding more content, we're right in the middle of the Marvel-themed Chapter 2 Season 4.

Although we're all used to seeing the likes of Ninja, Bugha, and Benjyfishy filling out timelines, look a little closer next time and see if you're facing-off against Sweeney.

For those who don't know who he is, Sweeney founded Epic Games and has been the driving force that has helped the game reach its meteoric height. With Fortnite being such a colossus, it's no surprise Sweeney is a billionaire. In fact, Forbes estimates that Sweeney is worth a jaw-dropping $5.3 billion. That's not bad really. 


In an interview with NPR, Sweeney explained how he's clocked up some serious hours of gameplay as the Epic Games CEO has played over 1,600 Fortnite matches. Discussing his penchant for the game, Sweeney said, "I have a name that nobody knows. I just go play randomly with groups of people and they have no idea who I am and we just have a good time together". 

As well as being the face of Epic, Sweeney has been vocal about the recent clash with Apple. Epic tried to bypass Apple's 30% cut of in-game purchases by introducing its own Epic Direct payment system. This clearly rattled the Apple bosses, who promptly booted Fortnite off the App Store. Sweeney has written several letters to those at the top and has asked for a court injunction that would reinstate Epic's superstar game to the App Store.

Discussing the Apple debacle, Sweeney said, "It’s not just Epic being exploited by Apple, but it’s every developer who goes along with that scheme colluding with Apple and Google to further their monopoly. These stores are making a lot more money from creative works than the creators". 

While the biggest and the best of the Fortnite world often boast about their skills and can often make a career from streaming, Sweeney has taken it in the other direction and wants to remain incognito. After the latest revelation, we're surely all wondering if he's actually any good? With 1,600 matches under his belt, we'd like to think Sweeney has at least secured one win. Then again, he could be a bit of a "flopper" when it comes to Fortnite


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Images via Epic Games

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