We caught up with Endpoint’s coach Eclipse ahead of their final-week matchup against mousesports.

20:00, 16 Mar 2020

With a current record of 2-6, Endpoint are in the midst of an intense relegation battle in the RLCS against Singularity, TSM and AS Monaco. Following their defeat to Singularity on Sunday, we caught up with coach Aron “Eclipse” Jones to get his thoughts on their season so far.

What have you made of Endpoint’s RLCS matches so far?

To be totally honest we were lacklustre in our first few matches and really only started to show up against ASM and TSM and we’ve had occasional good moments in other matches in the series so far. We are a little disappointed because we expect ourselves to be doing better earlier on but that's what we have been working on over these last few weeks. 

How did you end up joining Virt/Wave on Wii Not Fit and then again on Discombobulators?

It was all quite unexpected if I'm honest. I was looking to get into coaching and I just so happened to see Virts post on twitter I applied and voila! In regards to me proceeding to Discombobulators it was an easy transition. During the offseason we all tried our own things which ended up in Wave and Virt recreating a team together with Nachitow and they just asked if I wanted to return to coaching with them and of course I did. 

If you were to finish bottom three, which RLRS teams would you be most afraid of playing against in the Promotion Tournament?

I would have to say either RCD Espanyol or Notorious Legion, because they just have that speed about them that if they are playing well they can topple any team.

Having done a lot of casting, would you say that it’s helped you to see the game from a different perspective?

Personally not really as most of my casting was mainly from an analytical standpoint so I would say actually my coaching influenced my casting. 

Endpoint have just qualified for the playoffs of Johnnyboi_i’s European Invitational. It was a tight series against Barcelona, with FCB nearly reverse sweeping. After you lost the game four overtime, what did you say to the players?

At the end of game 4 it was more about reassurance than anything else, because we went into the game beforehand with a plan in place and for the first 2 games it was working. But we seemed to dip off a bit in games 3 and 4, so we just spoke about returning to that plan and trying to be as ruthless as possible in that final game which resulted in us winning with a good margin. 

How beneficial would you say TEI has been for the EU RLCS / RLRS teams?

I'd say very, for us personally it's been helpful to get us those few extra games to practice for the RLCS which has definitely helped us build a bit of momentum going into our doubleheader weekend. 

One limitation of coaches is that they have to watch RLCS matches through the broadcast rather than in-game spectating, which introduces a delay. How much does this limit you when coaching given Rocket League’s fast-paced nature?

Well for me there is a minimum delay of 10 seconds, which severely reduces the time I have to point out issues and quick fixes effectively. Along with this we as coaches can only see from the observer's perspective which for us, well at least for me is an inhibitor due to the nature of director cam. It is of course something that all coaches have to deal however NA coaches have an easier time delay wise since they are closer, But I typically try to start speaking to the team before the game ends on my end to maximize time allowing for a deeper conversation. 

Endpoint's relegation battle concludes on Sunday 22nd @ 16:00 GMT vs Mousesports. 


Image via Endpoint.

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