Xbox Boss Reveals Massive Wait For The Elder Scrolls 6

Xbox Boss Reveals Massive Wait For The Elder Scrolls 6

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Tom Chapman


5th Aug 2021 12:12

It's been nearly a decade since The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim slashed its way into our lives, but if you were expecting a return to Tamriel any time soon, you're in a bit of a wait for The Elder Scrolls 6. When we say a bit, we actually mean you're in for a massive wait before you'll get to see what Bethesda is working on next. 

Up there with an achingly long wait between Grand Theft Auto entries, questions about when we'll see another Elder Scrolls is one of the biggest video game mysteries. Of course, The Elder Scrolls recently changed lanes, with the massive acquisition of ZeniMax Media meaning Bethesda and the future of The Elder Scrolls now sits under Microsoft's umbrella. 

While Microsoft used to be known for the Xbox duking it out with the PlayStation - as franchises like Halo and Fable locked horns with Crash Bandicoot and Tomb Raider - a lot has changed. Now, the Xbox boss has the answer about when we'll see The Elder Scrolls 6 - well, sort of.

Why will we have to wait for The Elder Scrolls 6?

Discussing the Microsoft roadmap and which games will take priority for the Series X/S, Xbox boss Phil Spencer confirmed The Elder Scrolls 6 will release after the next Fable. Speaking on the IGN Unplugged Podcast, Spencer discussed 20 years of Xbox. However, it wasn't long before the conversation turning to The Elder Scrolls 6.

Firstly, Spencer confirmed Obsidian Entertainment's Avowed will land before TES: "When I think about our line-up, and I think about that more core fantasy, RPG setting, I think Avowed is gonna be an awesome entrance there". Up next, he delivered the blow that Fable is also coming out ahead of Bethesda's blockbuster.

"You know Fable’s never been that, Fable’s always been a little more light-hearted, and a little more British, and I think Playground will keep it there, and Elder Scrolls 6 is further out and when that comes out I think it’ll be incredible", said Spencer.

When will the wait for The Elder Scrolls 6 be over?

It's not that The Elder Scrolls isn't a priority, it's just not Microsoft's priority right now. The Xbox Games Showcase showed off the long-awaited Fable reboot, Forza Horizon 4, and the aforementioned Avowed. Away from these, let's remember Microsoft is also sure to power ahead with the Perfect Dark reboot and whatever is next from the Gears of War franchise. 

The Elder Scrolls 6 might've been a big deal for Bethesda, but now, it's a mid-sized fish in a very big Xbox pond. It's no real surprise that we're still a long way off The Elder Scrolls 6. Even before the Microsoft deal, Bethesda reiterated that it was going to prioritise Starfield

Given that Starfield is still a year away, we're guessing it'll be at least another three or four years before you'll get to explore The Elder Scrolls. In good news, maybe Grand Theft Auto 6 will be out by then.

All signs point to potential 2023 releases for Fable and Avowed, but as the industry repeatedly reminds us, all that is subject to change. Either way, The Elder Scrolls 6 isn't just around the corner. If this is all going on with The Elder Scrolls 6, we dread to think when Fallout 5 will release. 


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