Elder Scrolls 6 Confirmed To Be Exclusive To Xbox And PC

Elder Scrolls 6 Confirmed To Be Exclusive To Xbox And PC
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Joseph Kime


15th Nov 2021 17:22

After months of theories and speculation, it has now been officially confirmed that the next game in the Elder Scrolls franchise will be exclusive to Xbox and PC. We already know The Elder Scrolls 6 is a long way off, but now, that wait is going to be even more agonising.

Is The Elder Scrolls 6 A Microsoft Exclusive?

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The confirmation was made by Xbox boss Phil Spencer during a new profile with GQ to celebrate the console's 20th anniversary.

"It's not about punishing any other platform, like I fundamentally believe all of the platforms can continue to grow.

"But in order to be on Xbox, I want us to be able to bring the full complete package of what we have. And that would be true when I think about Elder Scrolls VI. That would be true when I think of any of our franchises."

The Skyrim sequel is now joining Starfield as an upcoming exclusive for the platforms by Bethesda in a move that is bound to upset and rile a huge number of fans.

This news is the first morsel of info we've had of the game in some time, and likely the last we'll have for equally as long - but it's certainly a bold step for Xbox to hang onto what may be one of gaming's biggest franchises.

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