EA Teases Mass Effect 4 During N7 Day

EA Teases Mass Effect 4 During N7 Day

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Tom Chapman


8th Nov 2021 11:16

Commander Shepard is picking up their gun all over again, as BioWare continued to tease Mass Effect 4. It's that time of the year we celebrate all things Mass Effect, and just like April 26 is LV-426 Day for Alien, N7 Day honours BioWare's legendary gaming series. 

BioWare has been busy behind the scenes, and with the announcement of a new Mass Effect game and the release of the Legendary Edition remaster, it means some think N7 Day was a little sparse this year. Still, the developer chucked a morsel in good faith to hopefully tide us over until we know more.

What's Going On With Mass Effect 4?

Since the announcement of Mass Effect 4, we've barely heard a peep from the title. Admittedly, BioWare has been pretty busy with the Legendary Edition, still, throw us a bone. We know Mass Effect 4 will continue the story beyond the Reaper War, but apart from that, the storyline is under wraps.

To celebrate N7 Day, BioWare released a mysterious poster that features a large spaceship heading toward a crater. Taking a leaf out of James Bond or Eternals' book, there's a tagline that simply says, "Mass Effect will continue". Well duh!

Even though this is more of a teaser to show off the game's artwork than anything else, it cleverly reminds us the long-awaited sequel is still on the way. The accompanying blog post gives a small nod toward Mass Effect 4 but doesn't offer much else. BioWare reiterated:

"We are, of course, hard at work on the next adventure in the Mass Effect universe. Until then, please accept our most humble thanks to you for accompanying us on this journey. We know we couldn’t do it without you — on N7 Day, or any other day."

When Is Mass Effect 4 Coming Out?

Now that the Mass Effect 4 poster has been unleashed onto the world, BioWare has done its job of drumming up interest in the next chapter. Eagle-eyed sleuths have picked over every inch of the artwork - nothing that it looks like a Geth body can be seen by the ship. Elsewhere, some think they've spotted a Geth face hidden in the crater. Personally, we think we need to get out a bit more.

Last year's N7 Day was arguably the biggest in history, with confirmation Mass Effect 4 was officially on the way and was being worked on by a "veteran team". Shortly after the announcement, we were gifted some concept art that showed off an orbiting space station and Empire Strikes Back-esque swaps. 365 days after Mass Effect 4 was announced, we might've expected something a little more. 

Sadly, there's no release date for Mass Effect 4. Further hammering home a lengthy wait, we've been warned the focus will be on Dragon Age 4 before Mass Effect 4. Are we really going to have an Elder Scrolls 6-inspired hold-up to deal with? While we know Mass Effect 4 is out there somewhere, we'd like a little more.


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