The DUMMIE's Big Day LTM has been pulled from Apex Legends after Respawn Entertainment discovered a game-breaking glitch.

10:30, 09 Sep 2020

Respawn Entertainment has nixed the DUMMIE's Big Day event in its latest update, meaning the Limited Time Mode is nowhere to be found in Apex Legends. Apparently, a pretty major glitch has been causing DUMMIE's Big Day to crash and rendered the LTM unplayable.

The highly anticipated September Soiree kicked off on September 8 with DUMMIE's Big Day. Respawn gave players even more reasons to return to Apex, with the September Soiree offering a different LTM each week. DUMMIE's Big Day was up first, but it sounds like there have been teething problems from the start.


According to the offiical Apex Legends Twitter, DUMMIE's Big Day was crashing whenever a player went AFK (away from keyboard). With 60 players being thrown together in the lobby - and only given the ability to select a generic coloured dummy - the chance of someone going AFK was pretty high. This would cause the whole event to crash on a regular basis. On the off chance you got to actually play DUMMIE's Big Day, it seemed to be running fine. 

There's no ETA on when/if DUMMIE's Big Day could be back, but considering there's a jam-packed schedule for the rest of September, it's a case of completely scrapping the LTM or rolling it over into the first week of October. Either way, the clock is ticking to see if Respawn devs can fix DUMMIE's Big Day in time.

DUMMIE's Big Day was originally introduced back in January as part of the Grand Soiree. Players are able to select a blank-faced Dummy of different colours. Unlike the usual skillset assigned to a Legends like Rampart, Caustic, or Wraith, everyone is given the same generic abilities

Apex Legends Dummie's Big Day

Repsawn's problems with DUMMIE's Big Day comes after Activision had to disable all vehicles from Call of Duty: Warzone. In one of the biggest issues the battle royale game has ever faced, a glitch was triggered when driving out of the map. Instead of getting the usual "return to combat area" message, the countdown would freeze and players were unable to do anything. Worse than this, the match would end and kick everyone back to the lobby after a short period. 

Thankfully, the rest of the September Soiree is going ahead as planned. There's the welcome return of the Roaring '20s skins as the Art Déco visuals will drop into the shop from September 15 to September 22. The other Soiree LTMs are also scheduled to join the party, but for now, DUMMIE's Big Day is left out in the cold.

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