Dragonflies Are Kidnapping NPCs In Skyrim

Dragonflies Are Kidnapping NPCs In Skyrim

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Tom Chapman


14th Sep 2021 10:50

If battling Chaurus, Frostbite Spiders, and Hagravens wasn't enough to contend with in The Elder Scrolls, a new glitch makes the seemingly harmless dragonfly another fearsome foe to do battle with.

Although it's been nearly a decade since Skyrim was unleashed onto the world, Bethesda's behemoth is still making waves in the gaming world. Given that we've had a whole 10 years to explore Tamriel, you might think we've found every secret hidden in every nook and cranny. Well, it looks like we've missed rogue dragonflies.

What's the dragonfly glitch in Skyrim?

Posting on the r/skyrim subreddit u/SubzeroTemps99 showed off the unnerving moment an innocent NPC is carried away by a dragonfly. Previously, we thought of those flying friends as innocent bystanders populating these lands. Now, they're fluttering fiends ready to interrupt our quest at a moment's notice. 

In the clip, Redguard Mage Falion is whisked away mid-conversation. The player is seen talking to Falion, when suddenly, a dragonfly flies in and pushes him off-screen. Falion is lurking in the dark backdrop of Morthal, but it isn't long before the dragonfly picks him up and carries him off into the mist.

Remembering that Falion is accused of stealing children and eating their hearts, maybe this is the fate he deserves. The clip took off (much like Falion) on Reddit, with one fan writing, "What I am doing is none of your business(saying that as he flies away)".

Another added "We went from an AI so smart it created scenarios where NPCs would get killed for stealing bread to an AI that kidnaps NPCs with wildlife", while a third simply chuckled, "This sh*t is hilarious. The way it sounds like he’s angry with the dragon fly. The way his voice trails off."

What other Skyrim glitches are there?

If you thought dragonfly kidnappings were something weird, another redditor showed an unwelcome wedding guest that crashed their nuptials. We're not sure how they got in, but like a scene from Game of Thrones, the haunting spectre of "Torture Victim" attended a wedding. 

In another post, redditor u/_porb_ is seen getting married in the Temple of Mara. Normally, NPCs from Riften are the only ones who attending weddings, however, Torture Victim has travelled a long way to be here. 

Clearly another Skyrim glitch, Torture Victims are usually only found in the Dawnstar Sanctuary. To unlock them, you'll have to complete the “Where You Hang Your Enemy’s Head" quest and add a torture chamber. After that, there will be two male and two female Nords who are labelled as "Torture Victims". This bug likely comes from the fact the Dawnstar Sanctuary has been upgraded, but either way, he definitely wasn't on the player's list. 

With The Elder Scrolls 6 confirmed to still be a long way off, we're betting there are plenty more glitched dragonflies and unwanted wedding guests ready to be discovered alongside mythical garlic bread and fondue.


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