The new season has just kicked off and the popular streamer has spoken out.

09:58, 03 May 2021

Herschel "Guy" Beahm IV, aka Dr Disrespect, has had a rocky relationship with Call of Duty Warzone. In many ways it’s helped him to be the streamer he is today, reaching over 3 million subscribers on YouTube and finding a global audience to tune into his consistent gaming content.

But, as many of his fans will attest, Dr Disrespect’s connection with Warzone hasn’t always been a purely loving one. It’s been hugely entertaining to watch him lose his rag with the game, blaming game-breaking glitches and unfair game design for his outbursts. The game isn’t perfect, and Dr Disrespect knows it.

And now, it looks like he may have had enough.


Why Is Dr Disrespect Leaving Warzone?

During his latest stream titled The Lamborghini Sniper, Dr Disrespect was pushed to breaking point by Warzone’s incredible lag problems, and finally announced he was ready to throw in the towel.


After being downed and finished off by another player, the streamer seemed exhausted by the game.

“I gotta stop playing [Warzone]”, he starts. “I don’t get anything out of it any more. At all, really. [...] If it’s not obvious by now, it should be. I have no interest in playing this game. Especially with this map and season… it didn’t grab me.”

It seems as though the massive new update to Warzone isn’t enough to keep players like Dr Disrespect interested in the game. The update was set to bring monumental change to the gameplay of Warzone, but it looks like the changes to the Verdansk we know and love hasn’t been enough to keep players gripped.


Dr Disrespect continues, and suggests that his next tournament could be his last for a while. “I got one more tournament, chat, then we’ll try to figure things out, try to take a break from Warzone. It’s just such a bland experience for me. The little cheesy sh*t is kinda wearing me down.”

He finally throws in the towel later on in the stream, when he is killed by another player, and he lays the blame on the game’s lag problems. “My connection is tripping, man. Did you guys see that? [...] It’s unplayable.”

This isn’t the first time he’s threatened to leave the game, either. Just last month he stated that he was close to uninstalling Warzone due to his frustration with the Destruction of Verdansk event. 


When Will Dr Disrespect Return to Warzone?

It’s hard to say when Dr Disrespect will be coming back to Verdansk, but in the meantime, he still has one more tournament to compete in before he takes the break he needs. So at the very least, he’s not taking off without any notice.


His reaction to the latest Warzone season was pretty underwhelming, so it’s safe to assume that it won’t be Verdansk ‘84 itself that brings him back.

He has threatened to leave Warzone before, not to much avail. So, if he’s true to his word and briefly retires from the game, it likely won’t be long before he returns to the streets of Verdansk.

It could well be an empty threat on Dr Disrespect's part, but it takes a lot to push a seasoned player and streamer to confess that they're exhausted by their most played game. It's telling of Activision's messy priorities, and if they don't offer their premier title some fixes soon, they could lose their best streamers forever.


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Images via Dr Disrespect | YouTube

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