Dr Disrespect Wants To 'Join Nadeshot With His Own CDL Team'

Dr Disrespect Wants To 'Join Nadeshot With His Own CDL Team'

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Tom Chapman


20th Nov 2020 09:29

Herschel "Guy" Beahm IV, aka Dr Disrespect, wants a slice of the Call of Duty League pie as the superstar streamer once again hints at creating his own CDL team. Back in September, the Two Time and partner Zack "ZLaner" Lane hinted at buying up a CDL team. At the time, Doc said, "How about being like a team owner?...You might see a San Diego team".

Just like his partnership with Rogue Company, Dr Disrespect tends to deliver when he hints at something. Since then, fans have been asking when/if there'd be an update on his CDL aspirations.

There's been a lot of movement in the competitive CoD circuit recently. Alongside Hector "H3CZ" Rodriguez reacquiring OpTic Gaming, Matthew "Nadeshot" Haag bought a place in next year's CDL. With so much going on, it sounds like Dr Disrespect wants to take his craft to the next level and also cash in on the CDL


Will Dr Disrespect form his own CDL team?

Doubling down on his CDL aspirations, Dr Disrespect opened up during a recent Warzone stream. He said, "You know what I was thinking about yesterday, champs? I think it’s fantastic that H3CZ is back in the league, Call of Duty, as an owner, and Nadeshot. By now, you got two dynamic personalities, uh, extremely reputable in the Call of Duty scene...Just imagine, Doc has this team". 

Referring to where team ownership could take him next, Disrespect continued, "Now we got a narrative going, I feel like Doc can really shake up that narrative with a powerhouse team. Just saying, we're talking out loud". He joked, "Nothing, we're just having fun talking...The team would automatically adopt the Champions Club". Whatever Dr Disrespect is (or isn't) working on, it doesn't sound like he's quite ready to reveal anything just yet. 


Should Dr Disrespect form his own CDL team?

It makes sense that Dr Disrespect wants to join his fellow gaming giants. Looking at the bigger picture, Nadeshot's return to CDL with 100 Thieves - and also introducing the Los Angeles Thieves' first-ever Warzone-centric team - this could've been the kick up the backside Doc needed.

Although both H3CZ and Nadeshot are known for their streaming prowess, does it really compare to Dr Disrespect's huge following? Despite being banned from Twitch, Doc has continued to dominate the streamer community with a lucrative move to YouTube. Even if Dr Disrespect does have some stake in CDL, don't expect it to impact the hours of content he continues to churn out on a daily basis. For now, we're left dangling on a thread by that cryptic Dr Disrespect.


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