DOTA 2's $25k Short Film Contest Has Been Extended

DOTA 2's $25k Short Film Contest Has Been Extended
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Joseph Kime


29th Jul 2021 17:34

Fans have been clamouring to submit their MOBA masterworks to the DOTA 2 short film contest. Its announcement offered an exciting prospect - huge cash prizes that cap at $25,000 and a chance for fan-made films to be played live at The International 10 Championships in Bucharest is too good an opportunity to miss for many.

Plus, offering fans total creative freedom to make a DOTA 2 story in under 90 seconds is a great challenge for many budding filmmakers to test their mettle and try to bag a whopping prize in the process. It’s been a bit of a squeeze, and it’s clear that the Valve team know this, as they’re giving fans a little more time to put the finishing touches on their work.

Dota 2’s Short Film Competition Has Been Extended

DOTA 2's Short Film Contest Extended
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As a result of the International 10 being pushed back to October in Bucharest, fans working on their new films have a little more time to be ready in time for the event. The submissions' deadline has now been swiftly moved to September 12, meaning you have another month to put the final touches on your videos.

“There is more time available than originally expected, so we’ve decided to re-open submissions for the Short Film contest until September 12th”, reads the statement made on the DOTA 2 website. “Creators can continue to perfect their current submissions or even submit new ones.”

It’s good news for you creatives - if you were fighting to reach a deadline with your current video or fancy making a whole new one, you’ve now got the time to do so. Who knows - it could even be up in lights in Bucharest this October, and you could be $25k richer.


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