Multi-Millionaire Dota 2 Player Retires Aged Just 21

Multi-Millionaire Dota 2 Player Retires Aged Just 21
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Jack Marsh


17th Jun 2021 17:37

With the nature of esports offering so much money to its elite players, especially in the case of Dota 2, many players can humbly retire from competition and opt for other routes in their career at such early ages. 

21-year-old Anathan “ana” Pham has now officially announced his retirement from competitive Dota, walking away from the game with over $6million in prize money, with sponsors, wages, and other revenue all lining his pockets.

As a competitor, ana was one of the best to ever grace the game, having become the first player to ever win two 'The International' events - the richest competition in esports.

Now, he's hung up his mouse and keyboard, going down in the history books as a Dota legend.

Anathan “ana” Pham Retires From Dota

The Australian superstar was most prominent in the years between 2016 and 2019, having found himself dropping in and out of the starting OG line-up since The International victory in 2019. 

Taking to Twitter, his statement reads "The past few years have been an incredible journey and it is finally time for me to say that I’ll be stepping away from Dota.

"I have been on the fence about this for a while now but am ready to move on to a new chapter in my life."

He added, "This game will always hold a special place in my heart and I am immensely grateful to the Dota community and the people I have met along the way."

Ana retires as a Dota 2 legend

Having become the first player ever to win the most expensive match in esports, ana's legacy will never be forgotten in Dota

Wishing him farewell, OG summarised his career by saying "Thank you for all these years of service, the plays made, the fountains you dove, the trophies lifted, the laughs, and all the memories.

"OG and the fans will always cherish these memories and achievements we’ve had together. The legacy you forged will mark you in history books for many years to come, and place you in the Dota Hall of Fame."

As for what is next for the young phenom is yet to be seen, although a career in content creation wouldn't come as a surprise knowing his status and avid fan base.

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