Doomguy Teased As Final Smash Bros. Ultimate Character

Doomguy Teased As Final Smash Bros. Ultimate Character
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Tom Chapman


24th Aug 2021 16:13

It could be Hell on Earth, as eagle-eyed players think Nintendo is teasing Doomguy as the final DLC character for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. All good things must come to an end, and while the pop culture brawler has had plenty of success since its release in 2018, the sixth addition to the Fighters Pass Volume 2 will be the last to grace the game.

While we were once limited to Nintendo staples like Link, Mario, Pikachu, and Samus, the Smash Bros. series has punched its way free from the confines of the Nintendo 64 and ballooned to include a roster of nearly 90 playable characters. It's a far cry from the 12 the 1999 original gave us.

Why do players think Doomguy is coming to Smash Bros. Ultimate? 

Everyone has their dream list of fighters they'd love to see, with names like Doomguy, Master Chief, and Crash Bandicoot coming up time and again. The idea of Doomguy blasting us to pieces is nothing new, however, a cryptic tweet from Smash Bros. Director Masahiro Sakura raised a few eyebrows.

There might be nothing to it, but when Sakura posted an image of a thumb poking from a lava-riddled level, it was an obvious nod to James Cameron's Terminator 2: Judgement Day from 1991. The unlucky victim seems to be Street Fighter's Ken meeting his maker, but that's not the big takeaway.

As the internet exploded with theories on what this could mean, one fan reminded us that DOOM used some suspiciously similar imagery back in 2016. Although id Software's franchise has been a staple of the community since 1993, the DOOM name was brought to a new generation with the reboot and 2020's DOOM Eternal.

Is Doomguy really coming to Smash Bros. Ultimate?

We know what you're thinking, it's one hell of a leap to assume Sakura is pointing to the imminent arrival of Doomguy. Then again, just like Hideo Kojima has become the master of trolling, there might be more to the story. If you don't buy it, remember that Sakura once broke the internet when it turned out a three-fingered hand gesture was actually teasing Fire Emblem's Byleth as a DLC character.

Away from the idea of the stoic Doomguy picturing us as demonic scum and blowing us to kingdom come, others pointed out that both Among Us and Fortnite have used the same homage to T2. Putting it bluntly, the concept of a thumb poking out from some lava is hardly groundbreaking, and with Cameron's movie being one of the most iconic action outings of all time, pop culture is rife with this kind of parody. 

When it comes to the much-hyped reveal of the final DLC character, we know all will be revealed before the end of 2021. This year has brought Xenoblade Chronicles' Pyra and Mythra alongside Tekken's Kazuya, but who is up for the elusive final spot? We're still holding out for Devil May Cry's Dante, but to be honest, we're guessing Crash will be spinning into action. 


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