Don't Worry, Hogwarts Legacy Is Coming In 2022

Don't Worry, Hogwarts Legacy Is Coming In 2022
Avalanche Software

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Tom Chapman


18th Jan 2022 11:07

While the Dark Mark has been looming in the skies above Hogwarts Legacy, we're finally assured that the open-world Harry Potter game will release in 2022. Good, because if it didn't, we'd be angrier than when Dumbledore accused Harry of putting his name in the Goblet of Fire.

First leaked in 2018, it took another two years before Hogwarts Legacy was finally announced at 2020's PlayStation 5 event. Although the much-hyped trip to the famed school of Witchcraft and Wizardry was supposed to land last year, Hogwarts Legacy was just another of 2021's big delays. 

Will Hogwarts Legacy Release In 2022?

We only just reported that Hogwarts Legacy looks like it was going to be pushed into 2023, but in a change of good fortune, we'd like to retract that statement. Trusted leaker AccountNGT said the only thing that could delay Hogwarts Legacy until 2023 would be the sheer amount of AAA games releasing this year.

Just after this, the official Warner Play Brazil account shared a poster of upcoming games in 2022, with Gotham Knights, Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League, LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga, and Hogwarts Legacy all on the docket. It's true that 2022 is stuffed to the rafters with the likes of Elden RingGod of War Ragnarok, Pokemon Legends: Arceus, and Starfield. Still, that doesn't mean we shouldn't expect Hogwarts Legacy

What's Going On With Hogwarts Legacy?

You can't blame us for worrying Hogwarts Legacy will miss its tentative 2022 release. After the magical adventure was delayed from 2021, we've heard literally nothing. As well as no updates in terms of gameplay, there's also been controversy surrounding J.K. Rowling.

Although Avalanche Software has reiterated she hasn't been involved in Hogwarts Legacy, some have threatened to boycott the game. Aside from confirmation transgender character creation will be part of the game, Warner Bros. has been suspiciously quiet about development. 

If all of this wasn't enough, Hogwarts Legacy has been notably MIA from all of last year's gaming expos and awards ceremonies - begging the question of what has Avalanche actually been doing. Remember that just days ago, PlayStation showcased its 2022 titles and DIDN'T include Hogwarts Legacy. Thankfully, if Warner Bros. is now raising its wand, it's a hopeful sign of what's to come. 


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