Does Sergeant Frank Woods die during the Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War campaign mode?

04:15, 13 Nov 2020

The hardest man in the Black Ops forces is back in the Cold War, as the adrenaline-fuelled madman that is Sergeant Frank Woods is back. However, those who have completed the Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War campaign may be left scratching their heads, with one of the alternate endings resulting in his demise.

In the mission “Identity Crisis”, Bell will have to choose the fate of the Black Ops forces, which will either lead them to save the world from the threat of “Perseus”, or set up the American troops for an ambush and allow the Soviet Union’s nuclear bombs go off across Europe. 

If the protagonist chooses the “Ashes to Ashes” mission as their ending, Bell will lead Woods, Mason, and the team to Duga, Ukraine, where the Soviet forces will be awaiting to launch an ambush. 

Bell will subsequently assist in capturing the Black Ops forces and will have to eliminate them. With a gun in hand, it becomes Bell’s responsibility to kill Woods and Mason and end the campaign.

Does Woods Die In Cold War

But how does this fit into the storyline?


Black Ops Cold War is a sequel to the first instalment of the franchise, taking place before Black Ops 2. Woods can be seen in each and every Black Ops game including the futuristic Black Ops 4 where he appears in his twilight years as a wheelchair-bound 96-year-old veteran. 

Woods’ death in the alternate ending of Black Ops Cold War is clearly not the end of the mercenary, rather just being a way of balancing out the progression of the campaign and possibly a way for the developers to sustain themselves from any politics. By having both endings with either side winning this may be a way of steering clear of controversy akin to that of when Infinity Ward released “No Russian” in Modern Warfare 2

The storyline will likely progress with the ending seen in “The Final Countdown”, which will explain why Woods is visible in his senior years in other games. Even with the aether universe making a return in Zombies, it would be far-fetched for Call of Duty to embark on a journey through alternate dimensions in the campaign too.



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