And he isn't the only one who hates her...

19:31, 03 Jan 2021

German record producer and DJ Zedd has shared on Twitter that he quit playing Overwatch over support hero Brigitte. In a response to Overwatch streamer for the Florida Mayhem Sam "Samito" Dawahare, Zedd shared the expressed annoyance that the steamer shared with his audience. "She made me so mad I stopped playing OW and started playing Valorant and my anger issues went away" said the 31-year-old.

Brigitte has been one of the most controversial heroes in Overwatch, disrupting the way the game was played as soon as she was released in March 2018. The hero has undergone several heavy redesigns and had frequently spiked in power, making her a necessity in professional play and to an extent at the highest level on the competitive ladder. After a brief period of perceived balance, Brigitte received buffs in a recent patch, putting her back into the meta. The allegation by several high ranking players is that Brigitte and her kit bring about unfun and unsatisfying meta states that turn Overwatch in an overall worse experience. This appears to be especially egregious as the perception of the metagame had just received a temporary high in the last couple of months, with many creators and top players stating that the game was in a good place.

The Russian-born artist is best known for his top-charting songs "Clarity", "Spectrum", and the middle. Previously, Zedd had shown his interest into the Blizzard Entertainment shooter on several occasions, streaming the game on During the Overwatch League finals in 2019 at the Wells Fargo arena, Zedd performed in front of the sold-out arena who welcomed the artist for his genuine interest for their game of choice.

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Image via Blizzard Entertainment / @Zedd Instagram

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