Will this be a resurrection for Dignitas?

19:30, 16 Oct 2020

Over the past four weeks, Dignitas has acquired two new main roster players and a coach. H4RR3 and HEAP joined the team early October tagging along with their new coach vENdetta who was promoted two weeks before them. The youthful additions will tag along with old school legends f0rest and friberg while sharing the stage with AWPer hallzerk. Depending on future talents is a gamble for Dig ever since GeT_RiGhT and Xizt became inactive, leaving room for two rifle players with in-game support. The team has been struggling as of 2017 after peaking in 2016 winning multiple tournaments. Maybe this new team can turn things around and make the game more interesting for fans of Dignitas.


After seventeen years in the Counter-Strike world, Dig is officially at an all-time low. Despite almost hitting the million-dollar earning club, they lack consistency. That’s a lot of years just for an org to sit right under seven figures. In 2017 Dig had earned only five grand across eighteen events. The following year only brought in twelve grand leading to no playtime in 2019. Dignitas spent the past couple years re-branding the company and at one point even dropped their CS:GO, team. Which was really the only thing they were known for at the time. Earnings have started to rise for the team in 2020. Hitting roughly twenty-five thousand dollars and placing second at Eden Arena: Malta Vibes -  Week 7. 

Adding f0rest and GeT_RiGhT to the roster came from NiP dropping their entire team. Xizt followed along with friberg and hallzerk after struggling to find a permanent team. The old roster along with their coach Fifflaren failed to make any name for them, resulting in vENdetta joining as an analyst while GeT RiGhT and Xizt were benched. After a terrible performance at Nine to Five #4, the players put the Dig in a tough situation. The only route to go was to push out older players and bring in the new ones. Dignitas has held some of the best Counter-Strike players ever, just not when they were in their prime. Nothing wrong when knowing it’s time to call it quits and throw in the towel. Both players have had exceptional careers, and their time with Dig shouldn’t change that. 


Before switching careers vENdetta was a player for eleven years, playing with small teams such as Contempt, Nordic Gaming, zoctai, ss5$, and partyastronauts. After placing third in Assembly Winter 2013, the modern-day analyst realised the player role wasn’t for him. Every tournament after that was a letdown, especially the A and S-Tier qualifiers. After casting with Room On Fire for around four years, vENdetta moved on to the analyst role. Dignitas picked him up and became the first team to give him a chance in the non-player role. On February 26, vENdetta joined the team as an analyst and later took on the role as head coach, replacing Fifflaren who had become the new team manager and was also the holder of a major title.


A day before HEAP’s arrival, H4RR3 was picked up from Nordavind, a small, mostly Danish team that plays at the B-Tier level—consisting of the MDL league in ESEA and small European events. H4RR3 joined the scene back in 2017 where he was picked up by an independent team called the Nordic Warthogs. With only a month of playtime, he moved to Kingpins Esports. A team once called Temp.no and was later rebranded to Apeks. With a year of experience and ten grand in earnings, H4RR3 was dropped and played with a couple of independent teams before finding Nordavind. He played next to hallzerk who is now the AWPer for Dignitas. With Nordavind H4RR3 started to earn large sums of money and even placed first at Eden Arena: Malta Vibes - 1. Mostly known as an entry fragger H4RR3 will receive the chance to play at an S-Tier level during Flashpoint Season 2 since Dignitas has a founding member ticket. 

HEAP being an even newer player in competitive CS:GO compared to H4RR3 will have a lot to prove. Despite becoming active in 2017 HEAP only started to find his groove in 2019. Throughout his first two years, HEAP earned nothing from the game money wise - mostly jumping between independent teams which included stranglerz, True Power, and znark. He then paved a way in CS:GO with a team called EsportsAdviser. Still, an independent org except this one could win events. HEAP earned twenty grand with the team and even placed first four times in a row at King of Nordic - Season 15. That’s where Begrip Gaming found the young Swede. A much bigger team with almost six figures in earnings. After they failed to receive private funding, they disbanded, allowing Dignitas to scoop up their star player. 

H4RR3 and HEAP have been given very generous offers. Now they’re able to compete with the best and rebuild a historic CS:GO team. Looking to change things around, this could be the year that Dignitas takes home the gold. 

Images via Dignitas

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