Destiny 2's Witch Queen Just Dwarfed Lady Dimitrescu's Height

Destiny 2's Witch Queen Just Dwarfed Lady Dimitrescu's Height
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25th Aug 2021 10:23

While the world of video games was once dominated by towering terrors like Ganondorf, Guilty Gear's Faust, and Bowser, all that changed when Lady Alcina Dimitrescu stepped into our lives and stomped the competition. The towering temptress spread her wings in Resident Evil Village, and although her appearance was fleeting, she cemented herself as one of the most iconic video game villains of all time.

With Lady D's huge presence helping her stand out from the crowd in Village, she's become known for her colossal height and stalking Ethan Winters through the halls of Castle Dimitrescu. Apart from the terrifying trip to House Beneviento, nothing sent pulses racing like turning a corner and being met by Dimitrescu's razor claws.

Although Alcina has sat pretty on her throne as the tallest woman in the industry, she's just been dwarfed by the introduction of Destiny 2's Witch Queen. Bungie just announced the Witch Queen DLC, which will  see us "delve into Savathûn’s Throne World to uncover the mystery of how she and her Lucent Hive stole the Light." She already sounds like a formidable foe, but now we know how tall she is, it could be time for a change of trousers.

How tall is Destiny 2's Witch Queen?

Sorry, Lady D, but your reign is over. Keen to drum up interest in the Witch Queen DLC, the official Destiny 2 Twitter posted the trivia titbit that Savathun towers above Dimitrescu. We already know that Lady D clocks in at around 9'6", however, the Witch Queen is apparently a full 21 feet tall. You always have to go one better, don't you?

The shocking height difference has already led to comparisons between the pair, and we expect a similar hype to Dimitrescu to fill our feeds until the Witch Queen makes her proper debut. Responding to her height, one fan rightly said, "Why do I feel savathun is going to be the new internet Bae, and memes made of her fighting that vampire chick from resident evil."

Another added, "Do we need to have a talk? This ain't Lady Dimitrescu. Y'all can chill. Somebody gonna have to stage some "Thirsting for Tall Ladies" interventions soon."

What's next for the Witch Queen?

We see what you're doing over there at Bungie. Given the fact Lady Dimistrescu is still the internet's hottest property - and even has a nude statue - we're guessing the marketing machine over at Bungie is trying to drum up a similar amount of interest. Sorry though, Savathun doesn't quite have the same look that captured our attention quite like Alcina. 

Sadly, swampy witch women don't have the same broad appeal as buxom vampire women, however, maybe that will change if we stuck Savathun in a pair of heels? People seem to be obsessed with the crushing power of Lady D's heels. There are similarities though. Both are supernatural women with their own evil agenda, and both are likely to be bested by intrepid players. The difference is, the With Queen is over double Lady Dimitrescu's height.

Doing the size comparisons, Rock Paper Shotgun (bizarrely) explains that the Witch Queen is effectively Lady D with Assassin's Creed Odyssey's Kassandra stood on her shoulders, and then an Emperor penguin on her head. We don't know who would win in a battle, but that sounds like a question for the inevitable Super Smash Bros. Ultimate sequel. 


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