Death Stranding Game Pass Release Could Be A Blow To Sony

Death Stranding Game Pass Release Could Be A Blow To Sony
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Tom Chapman


17th Aug 2022 10:47

Grab your bridge babies and avoid the otherworldly timefall rain because Death Stranding could be about to make a comeback in a big way. While Hideo Kojima's Sony-exclusive has had a strange run on the PlayStation, the trippy title could be about to jump ship to Microsoft.

Released in 2019 as the long-awaited first game from Kojima Productions, the gaming auteur and Metal Gear creator tried his hand at something different. The problem was, Death Stranding was just too different for some. The game won a slew of awards, hit headlines for resembling the COVID-19 pandemic, and found a new fan base with its director's cut release on PS5.

Is Death Stranding Coming To Game Pass?

Death Stranding, you've had a good run, but is it time to spread your weird wings and find a new place to call home? Much like Kojima himself being a sneaky sneak with cryptic teases, the PC Game Pass Twitter account has changed its profile picture to what looks like a gloomy Death Stranding background.

The caption reads: "Sometimes we just like a good landscape picture #NewProfilePic," but with eagle-eyed fans trying to decipher whether there's more to this, the comments soon exploded with speculation. Although it's possible it's a still from a different game, this foggy backdrop looks like it's been pulled directly from Death Stranding. Is this really enough to confirm a Death Stranding Game Pass release though?

Players pored through every inch of Death Stranding, and even though some think they found the exact spot, others weren't convinced. "It looks to me more like Starfield," wrote one. Another added, "PlayStation owns the IP, so most people in this thread better hold their horses. Would PS sell Xbox access to one of their IPs? This would be a first." Others pointed out that because we already have Death Stranding on PC (and it's published by 505 Games), a PC Game Pass release is entirely possible.


Are We Getting A Death Stranding Sequel?

Death Stranding Whale
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Kojima Productions

Remember though, as this is PC Game Pass, it's not like you'll suddenly be able to explore this apocalyptic nightmare on your Xbox. Still, it'd make Sony look like a right mug to lose one of its exclusives to its biggest rivals - even if it's not in the traditional way. Of course, this wouldn't be the only big news to come out of Kojima Productions.

We know the legend is working on something new, and in typical Kojima style, has become the master of dragging out a tease. Earlier this year we heard about the mysterious Overdose - which some took to be a Death Stranding sequel. Even if Overdose turns out to be its own beast, there's been plenty of talk about Death Stranding 2.  

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