Dead By Daylight Chapter 22 Leaks Reveal New Killer

Dead By Daylight Chapter 22 Leaks Reveal New Killer
Behaviour Interactive

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Tom Chapman


2nd Nov 2021 16:14

Behaviour Interactive is ready to "axe" you a question, as Dead by Daylight continues to be our asymmetric horror obsession. Dead by Daylight's Year 6 roadmap has been an action-packed one, with Killers like Resident Evil's Nemesis and Hellraiser's Pinhead joining established psychopaths like The Texas Chainsaw Massacre's Leatherface, A Nightmare on Elm Street's Freddy Krueger, and Scream's Ghostface.

With Chapter 22 just around the corner, players are "dying" to know which Survivor is next on the chopping block and which Killer will be delivering that final blow. With so many horror franchises and new creations to pick from, the latest leaks prove Behaviour Interactive is far from running out of ideas.

What Is The Dead By Daylight Chapter 22 Leak?

The official Dead by Daylight Twitter has been teasing what's next, with some strange artwork linking out to a page on a Chilean artist called C. Mora. This fictionalised artist was apparently popular in the '70s, which makes us wonder if she's a Survivor or a Killer. Given that all other Survivors are from the present day, it would imply Mora is some sort of immortal killer.

Mora's bio explains she's gained notoriety due to her "surrealist, radically political murals". Not much is known about her, but the fact her artwork has disappeared over the years, suggest something sinister is at play here. So far, there are only two of Mora's artworks revealed on-site, with another two still blurred.

Interestingly, clicking any link on the Fresno Memorial Center of Arts and Culture will take you through to an error code with the following numbers: "8, 25, 19, 44, 1; -20.37, -69.85; 13, 2, 26, 11". Assuming these are coordinates - and putting them into Google Maps - takes you to the Humberstone and Santa Laura Saltpeter Works in Chile. Remember, Chile is supposedly Mora's birthplace.

What Have Fans Taken From The Dead By Daylight Chapter 22 Leaks?

The DBD Leaks account has unscrambled a series of words shared by Behaviour, with "The Black Vale" being revealed as a sentence. The Black Vale has been mentioned in DbD lore before, so chances are, Mora is connected to it in some way. 

We're closer than ever to cracking the code wide open. A final leak from @lavalorYT claims the killer could be the mythical Alicanto bird. It's bathed in Chilean folklore and eats ores that give it in the colour of its wings. Putting everything together, there could be a Humberstone and Santa Laura Saltpeter Works map that's haunted by this flesh-hungry bird.

It all sounds well and good, but a follow-up tweet claims they've seen the Killer and it's not an ore-munching bird. No one seems quite sure who is on their way to Dead by Daylight, but consider us suitably invested. The Hellraiser code wasn't too hard to crack, but when it comes to C. Mora and the Black Vale, this is a puzzle box all of its own!


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