Dead By Daylight Annabelle Crossover Could Be Coming Soon

Dead By Daylight Annabelle Crossover Could Be Coming Soon
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4th Nov 2021 10:01

Chucky isn't the only demonic doll out there, as The Conjuring's Annabelle could be on her way to Dead by Daylight. The asymmetric horror is going great guns in its sixth year, and now, the next two chapters have seemingly been leaked.

2020 and 2021 have been massive for Dead by Daylight, with a mix of the global pandemic, an arrival on console, and Xbox Game Pass meaning the blood has flowed like never before. Recent arrivals have included everyone from Resident Evil's Nemesis to Hellraiser's Pinhead, so who's next?

Is Annabelle Coming To Dead By Daylight?

A short post on Reddit simply says Chapter 22 is titled "The Crow" and Chapter 23 is called "The Conjuring". The OP doesn't reveal their source, however, it's easy to imagine Warner Bros.' occult franchise making the leap to DbD. Lorraine and Ed Warren are an easy sell for Survivors - just like Jill and Leon arrived alongside the Resident Evil update. As for Annabelle, she makes the most sense in terms of Killers.

The studio's expanding Conjuring universe has plenty of monsters to pick from, but few have had as much impact as Annabelle. We might be used to towering Killers like Leatherface, Pyramid Head, and Michael Myers, but it would be an interesting dynamic if you're hunted down by a tiny doll dashing around with a butcher knife. We're getting some serious House Beneviento from Resident Evil Village vibes. 

While some were over the moon that we could be getting a Conjuring crossover, others had their own choices. Disgruntled fans asked why we've never had Candyman (despite being teased), and there were questions about why Pennywise hasn't crawled out of the sewers. All of the above are likely licensing costs, but we imagine nabbing The Conjuring would've cost a pretty penny.

Who Is On The Way In Chapter 22?

Before we get to Annabelle, the Nun, the Crooked Man, or La Llorona, there's someone else waiting in the wings. We previously speculated on the Chapter 22 Killer, and the mention of a bird-like Killer seemed to be a popular theory. The fact Chapter 22 is rumoured to be called "The Crow" has further hyped a flying foe that could swoop down on some doomed Survivors.

Either way, it's amazing that Dead by Daylight is still going from strength to strength. The spooky season might be over, but Behaviour Interactive clearly has grand plans for the future of this superstar slasher. If we do get an Annabelle crossover, here's hoping Chucky or Billy the Puppet are next. Justice for pint-sized killers!


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