Since the Ranked Split, players have discovered a way to get rid of abandon penalties

14:00, 25 Mar 2020

Apex Legends implemented a Ranked split this week (March 24th), moving from Worlds Edge, back to the original Kings Canyon map, bringing with it a small reset in current rankings. 

With this Ranked split, it appears 'dashboarding' has returned. A controversial loophole of previous Ranked seasons, dashboarding was a workaround used by many players (who were since punished with account suspensions when discovered) to supersede the abandon penalty time (10 minutes). This basically means players can quit out of Ranked games with no punishment, ruining the experience for their teammates. A player can leave their team when they first get downed, instead of waiting for their banner to time-out and face no consequences. 

Reddit user u/ChangeThisXBL pointed out the return of dashboarding, with many commenters unsurprised that the bug has returned. 

GAME BREAKING BUG: Dashboarding in ranked is back, it no longer gives an abandon penalty when using the "return to main menu option." from r/CompetitiveApex

Respawn Entertainment has not yet commented on the return of dashboarding, but we expect a statement from them soon regarding further punishments for players who use this bug to their advantage.

Images via Respawn

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