As CD Projekt Red hopes to put its troubled 2020 launch behind it, the first Cyberpunk 2077 multiplayer details have leaked online.

09:25, 13 Jan 2021

After some choppy waters, there are high hopes that calmer seas are ahead for CD Projekt Red's Cyberpunk 2077. 2021 is set to be a big year for the maligned sci-fi shooter, as we're promised the drop of its first DLC content and a veritable overhaul with next-gen console upgrades.

This will hopefully fix at least some of the moans and groans that have plagued the ambitious title since its launch late last year. When it comes to the game's future, many are already looking even further ahead at Cyberpunk 2077's multiplayer.

With almost a decade of development going into Cyberpunk 2077, it makes sense that CD Projekt Red wants to milk its potential cash cow for all it's worth and keep the money flowing. Just look at how Grand Theft Auto V's multiplayer  - in the form of GTA Online - has helped it become the most profitable entertainment product of all time. While it's unlikely Cyberpunk 2077 will be able to topple that, all eyes are on its hyped multiplayer capabilities and whether the game will be able to keep its playerbase engaged. Thankfully, we have some details to tide you over.


Cyberpunk 2077 multiplayer details: What was leaked? 

Datamining has become the go-to way to dish up dirt on games, and as we've seen from Fortnite, it's usually on the money. Now, a report from DSO Gaming reveals what we could see in Cyberpunk 2077's multiplayer. Namely, multiplayer will be split into Deathmatch and a co-op Heist mode (similar to GTA Online). The site claims Heists will “function closer to standard single-player quest[s]” and include a few new “dedicated functions”. Interestingly, there's the idea that multiplayer might rely on peer-to-peer connections instead of having dedicated servers.


Taking a leaf out of Rockstar Games' book sounds like a smart move, especially considering GTA Online is still going strong some eight years after it first launched. GTA Online became its own standalone, while the addition of Heists in 2015 was a major turning point. It all fits together nicely with CD Projekt Joint CEO Adam Kicinski calling the Cyberpunk 2077 multiplayer a "standalone product".

If you aren't convinced, the site explains how you can also explore the game's "executable file" to verify the information for yourself. However, as well as taking everything with a pinch of salt, it's important to remember all of the above could change by the time devs roll out the Cyberpunk 2077 multiplayer.


Cyberpunk 2077 multiplayer details: What else do we know?

Unfortunately, that's about it for now in terms of Cyberpunk 2077 multiplayer details. We do know that you've probably got a hell of a wait on your hands. A 2021 release date has already been debunked, while 2022 could also be unlikely thanks to the plethora of problems the game has faced. Disgruntled gamers have already seen the first DLC be pushed back as devs tried to do damage control on the glitches and graphical complaints that dogged the game's launch. 


The idea of Deathmatch and Heists working alongside each other means CD Projekt Red could be onto a winner, then again, where's the battle royale mode? Only recently, there's been huge success with Call of Duty: Warzone, and who wouldn't want to explore each of Night City's distinct districts on an ever-shrinking map? Players might want to put that one on the Christmas list for 2030, or given the speed the game was developed, it could be the actual year 2077. There's set to be more information on both the DLCs and multiplayer in Q1 2021, meaning things should become a little clearer soon.


Are you convinced by the Cyberpunk 2077 multiplayer leaks, and at this point, do some of you really care?


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Images via CD Projekt Red

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