CS:GO Pros Blast Live Crowd In Fall Finals After 'Freak' Behaviour

CS:GO Pros Blast Live Crowd In Fall Finals After 'Freak' Behaviour
BLAST | Michael Konkol

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Jack Marsh


29th Nov 2021 16:49

Live audiences finally returned to international esports competitions following the long break due to the coronavirus pandemic, as 8,000 fans piled into the Royal Arena, Copenhagen, to view the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) BLAST Premier Fall Finals. 

Despite the massively-awaited presence being anticipated for months, with heartless LANs being played behind closed doors, some players have lashed out at the fans during their matches, as esports viewing etiquette has been called into question.

apEX Calls Out Fans For Telling Opposition About His Location

As CS:GO welcomed back fans with open arms, the typical rowdiness of the crowd was adored, especially with the usage of WWE-styled cardboard cutouts being waved around with messages to loved and adored players.

However, during a semi-final bout between Team Vitality and Astralis, the Danish crowd clearly rallied behind their native representatives, ditching the unwritten rules that fans shouldn't call out locations of players to the players on-stage. The pantomime-esque "he's behind you" is frowned upon by players, giving the favoured team a huge advantage, and Team Vitality captain Dan "apEX" Madesclaire lashed out at the supporters for doing just that.

"You all pieces of s**t, you f**king b*****ds, stop saying Iā€™m behind them," the Frenchman allegedly screamed. 

Machine Labels Fans As "Freaks" For Booing Vitality On-Stage

The hostile attitude towards Team Vitality didn't stop with the call-outs of their positions in-game though, as the predominantly French team was booed by Danish fans as they stood on stage alongside their beloved Astralis roster.

As CS:GO host Alex "Machine" Richardson introduced the side, their name was echoed by a range of boos, in which the interviewer immediately shut down. "Shut your mouth, you weirdos," he began.

"Proper freaks. This is Counter-Strike! We cheer for the games, none of this weird politics. Cheer for your team, but cheer for the counter, the fragging. Stop being freaks about it."

Although the crowd tried their best to put Vitality off during the Semi-Final, the Frenchmen were simply unfazed and continued to reverse sweep Astralis with a dominant 16-7 final map. 

Unfortunately for the Danes, neither of their native teams in Astralis or Heroic were able to take home the BLAST Premier Fall Finals trophy, as Natus Vincere continued their conquest to become a dynasty by taking home yet another gold medal this year.


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