Following the cancellation of the first major of 2020. Valve and ESL have announced restructure changes for the second major!

17:43, 02 Apr 2020

With the postponing of the Major in Rio, Valve have decided to make some changes towards how the Major invites and qualifiers are done with a view to making a more competitive Major system.

Teams will be invited based on their Regional Major Rankings (RMR) which is determined by how they perform in sponsored Major Ranking series. Those tournaments have not yet been announced, bar one that ESL are hosting between 22nd April and 17th May. The ‘world’s best 56 teams’ will take part in a giant tournament that will help the teams gain ranking points that will help them qualify for the Major overall.

As far as we know, the actual Major tournament format will remain unchanged, but the Minors have been disbanded. RMR tournaments will allow current Legends and Challengers to ‘demonstrate that they are still in top form’, and they are done regionally to the struggle with travelling. 

There should be two tournaments, with the second one in Autumn. However, tournament organisers can modify their tournaments to comply by inviting all of the top teams in the region and having qualifiers for the others. 

Teams who are unable to travel to their home region are invited to compete in the region they are in. There will be 10 EU teams, 5 CIS, 6 NA and one from SA, Asia and Oceania in the Major. Every team who was qualified for the May Minors has been invited to the RMR tournaments, while current Legends and Challengers have also been invited.

Teams like will be made to slum it out with the new blood, despite finishing 2nd in the last Major. Roster changes will be similar - you can swap two players of the roster, for up to 40% of your team’s ranking points, in certain roster lock windows.

Teams who failed at the Minor Qualifier may have another chance to qualify if they do extremely well in the RMR tournaments.

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Image via ESL. 

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