The news has upset a large number of loyal players.

11:12, 08 Jan 2021

The rod in the back of ranked playlists is single players that have the audacity to leave the side a man down. Backing out of a ranked game hinders the rest of your team, although sometimes due to connection issues, it can be difficult to avoid.

Within Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO), Valve had been consistently praised with the dealings of players backing out, until now. 

Previously, CS:GO ranked matches would have a bot or two on standby to save the day when a player would leave their team shorthanded. Substituting in to leave players with an even playing field, the bots may not have always been as effective but make for ample decoys and offer invaluable recon. They have been met with an air of controversy as stacks could often boot their worst-performing player with the grace that a bot could offer more to the team, although this was only in a minority of cases.

Now, Valve has removed this option altogether, as they have scrapped bots from ranked playlists

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

The only way to have a bot spawned in competitive and wingman modes is by having the whole team leave the match, meaning one singular bot will be spawned in to take on the five real players until the 16 rounds are won.


Showing their disgruntlement, the CS:GO community headed to social media, with some joking that you "Can't complain about the bots if there are none". Others lead with the more straightforward approach of stating "we wanted bots to be better, not gone".

The removal of bots has been heavily criticised within the community, as it appears the more suitable fix would have been to increase the skill of AI-controlled bots, especially around their purchasing habits and routing.



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Image via Valve

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