Top prospects for CS:GO in 2021.

18:30, 07 Feb 2021

A bunch of talented players moving into the competitive season are currently without an org. That means their skills are being set to the side, which can lead to a possible career change. It’s important for teams to keep track of the player pool and use it as a market. They need to hone in on the best possible players and know when to trade out their own lineup. 

Some coaches or scouts find this tedious, which is why a bunch of players are currently being overlooked. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) has a huge player base within the competitive scene which often results in passive roster changes. In other cases, teams with deep pockets can sometimes develop lengthy contracts. That means too much commitment and a whole lot of investments. 


Owen "oBo" Schlatter left his mark on CS:GO after leaving Complexity for a mental vacation. After signing with the team in June of 2019, oBo received a ton of praise from his fellow teammates. Even though oBo was only sixteen at the time of his debut, he often showed more knowledge of the game compared to his older opponents. 

Once COVID-19 came around, oBo was left feeling homesick, which led to his departure back in November of last year. Now he’s looking for a brand new org to call home and continue his successful journey. In just three years he has earned six figures by providing the best possible support as a rifler. 


Next up is the French rifler who shined like a shooting star during his time with G2 Esports. Alexandre "bodyy" Pianaro left Team LDLC back in January and is currently on the lookout for a better team. He’s attended a total of six different Majors and has earned over three hundred grand. In late 2019 and early 2020, bodyy stepped back from the S-Tier scene and was dropped to C/B-Tier events. 


After being released from the only team he felt comfortable with, bodyy still managed to pull through with Team LDLC. He won the ESL Championnat National Winter event and hasn’t left the game since. Bodyy’s passion to stick with CS:GO no matter the tier proves he has what it takes to sign a contract. 


Another C-Tier player that has been looking to further his career is Sebastian "larsen" Larsen. The Danish AWPer had his most recent run alongside the Movistar Riders which lasted roughly five months. Larsen won a total of five events last year helping his team earn nearly thirty thousand dollars. Some amateur teams don’t even see those earnings within a period of two years. 

Even though the Movistar Riders put him on the bench, any team would be lucky to get a hold of larsen. With the right deal, larsen might look the other way and find a team that values his skills in the virtual world. His numbers are consistent and clearly match up with his highlight reel. Larsen definitely deserves a deal followed by a one year contract with benefits. 



Now for the Australian talent that was killing it last year with ORDER. Alistair "aliStair" Johnston joined ORDER back in 2018 as the lead AWPer. His skills were unmatched at the time, which led to a flashy contract. ORDER was considered the third-best team in all of Australia last year due to their all-star roster. 


AliStair won a total of nine events which came out to a ton of earnings and a lot of respect. For three months straight, ORDER continued to sit in second-place and needed an extra push. AliStair put in a lot of work with the team and proved he was a leading force under the org. Not only is aliStair one of the best players in Australia but he’s also a free agent. 


Poland also has its fair share of unsigned agents looking to dominate in 2021. One player in particular that comes to mind is Patryk "Sidney" Korab. The young and straight-laced IGL who led his team to five championships in a period of two years. Sidney signed with AGO years back but was later dropped to the academy team. 


After being held back by his teammates, Sidney was eventually bumped up to the main roster one last time. Sidney is a beast when it comes to calling plays and calming his teammates down when they need to clutch up. This is what makes him one of the most signable players in Europe at the moment. All he can do now is wait for a team that is in desperate need of brainiac rifler. 

All of these players have what it takes to bring the heat this year and put on a show. Some have a ton of experience, while others are being overlooked for their lack of activity. These prospects could be the final piece to any team, but they just don’t know it yet. 


Images via ESL 

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