OpTic fans falsely lashed out at Crimsix, causing a reaction from the most decorated player in Call of Duty history.

13:34, 06 Apr 2021

The throwdown between Dallas Empire and OpTic Chicago (formally the Huntsmen) has been a riveting encounter since the sides were formed prior to the 2020 season. With two of the top three sides in Call of Duty butting heads, many of the personalities clashed, leading to the most fierce rivalry in-game. 

At the epicentre were Dallas' Ian "Crimsix" Porter and former teammate slash brother in arms Seth "Scump" Abner. The once best friends during their time at the OpTic dynasty, which resulted in a world championship ring, had turned into bitter enemies during the inaugural CDL season. After trading blow for blow throughout the year, Crimsix came out on top to be crowned the most decorated player in Call of Duty history, and soon both parties hugged and made up in the wake of a players union.

However civil the pair may be now, the rivalry between Dallas and OpTic remains, and the two locked horns ahead of the second Major of the year.

It was OpTic that came out victorious this time, with a large thanks to Scump whose domination on Checkpoint proved to be pivotal. Dallas did push them all the way, including a tense Game 3 in which the Moscow hardpoint encounter came down to just six points.

With one final push, Empire managed to chain four straight kills and rid OpTic from the Hardpoint to take the game, and with the last bullets of the game, Crimsix was accused of shooting bodies - an action which is shunned in the league for being disrespectful.


Picking up the last kill of the game Crim continued his fire over the body of Brandon "Dashy" Otell, which caused a commotion in the OpTic fan base camp. Despite appearing to torch Dashy, in reality, the brute AR main was pre-firing any advancing players from the street, to thwart any last-second heroics.

Taking to Twitter after OpTic regained and won map five, Crimsix stated "GG’s Optic! Empire PSA here, we will pay for SND lessons!"

If you think I shot Optic players bodies, you are mistaken.


He continued: "It was most likely pre-firing and I have more respect for them as individuals than any of you wannabe d***wads who roast your own team to a pulp when they lose."

The assault on the fan base comes as just another log chucked onto the roaring flames of hostility between the sides, even if the players are contemptuous with each other.


At least Crimsix wasn't actually shooting bodies, although the back-handed explanation proved just as effective in springing reactions. 

All eyes are now on the Major, after OpTic secured the second seed to Dallas' avail.


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Image via Activision | Team Envy 

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