Cr1TiKaL’s Moist Esports Target Top 4 RLCS Side As Bidding War Breaks Out

Cr1TiKaL’s Moist Esports Target Top 4 RLCS Side As Bidding War Breaks Out
True Neutral | Moist Cr1TiKaL

Written by 

Jack Marsh


1st Nov 2021 16:40

After conquering the South American region by becoming the first non-Brazillian roster to win their RLCS Regional Championships, True Neutral have kickstarted their switch to NA with a top-four finish - becoming quite the target for top-tier organisations looking to enter Rocket League.

As the likes of FaZe Clan, Misfits Gaming, Natus Vincere, PWR, and Evil Geniuses picked up exciting rosters in Rocket League throughout 2021, there remain very few teams left on the market for organisations looking to enter the vastly-growing esport. However, since moving to Mexico to compete in the North American region, the Argentine-Chilean roster has revealed they are looking for a new home, as True Neutral entertain offers from around the globe.

Facundo "Shad" Vallerino, Victor "Reysbull" Duran Parra, and Lautaro "ajg" Gusinsky managed to capture a third-fourth place finish in their second RLCS 2021-22 outing, only falling to G2 Esports in the semi-finals - which was also enough to ramp up their stock and attract a new bidder.

Moist Esports, backed by YouTube sensation Charles "Cr1TiKaL" White, has identified True Neutral as their main target as they look to enter Rocket League too. 

Talking on stream, Cr1TiKaL revealed that they won't be signing any content creators at the moment, as they are awaiting news on an attempt to snatch up the hottest orgless RLCS team on the market. "We are not trying to pick anybody else up at the moment cause right now we put an offer in at the moment to buy True Neutral in the RLCS. We put in a bid that hopefully is better than the other orgs, hopefully, we’ll be able to have them for Moist Esports", he announced. 

"I love the RLCS and True Neutral is such a great story and they're such an incredibly talented team, so fingers cross that our offer is better than all of the other orgs that are literally foaming at the mouth."

Cr1TiKaL was adamant that a whole host of organisations are looking at capturing their signature. Despite no other confirmed bidders, long-standing Rocket League hopefuls have been closely monitoring the movements of Cloud9, who have been heavily baiting a return to the RLCS. 

Cloud9's history in Rocket League would allow them to see the appeal of True Neutral, who mimick a similar story to C9's ex-trio of TheMuffinMen. With a trio that has soared through the ranks (the partnership between Shad and Reysbull dates back to 2019, with ajg joining in 2020), similarities can be drawn between the community feeling C9 had with their famous squad. 

For True Neutral, a new home looks promising, as they look to cement their top-four status and qualify for the first international LAN in two years.


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