Control will return in Black Ops Cold War Multiplayer, as the third competitive game mode.

18:40, 09 Sep 2020

Treyarch is back, and the amount hype for Black Ops Cold War has never been matched. This is the most anticipated Call of Duty ever. Modern Warfare, through all of its minor faults, was the perfect building block for Treyarch to build upon to create the be COD in the history of the franchise. A gripping campaign, a new and improved dynamic to Warzone, and the return of Zombies, Black Ops Cold War is poised to thrill. The multiplayer element is another fundamental game mode that players have the highest hopes for, praying for a smooth and engaging blend of great guns, encapsulating maps, and well-balanced gameplay.

The Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Multiplayer Reveal went live during an in-game event throughout Verdansk on September 9, 18:00 BST. Here's everything you need to know...

Control Replaces Domination in Black Ops Cold War

Finally. Control will feature alongside Search and Destroy and Hardpoint as the three competitive game modes. After a tiresome year of watching tedious Domination maps, control will replace this, adding more intense plays and huge clutches from the world best players.

Control is a game mode where are two control points, and the attacking team needs to capture both control points on a limited number of lives before time runs out. The defending team needs to defend the points until time runs out. 30 lives are given to both teams. The control points are captured in segments, so once one segment is captured, it remains captured.

This combines both Search and Destroy and Hardpoint, to find the balance between aggression and stealth, with kills coming just as vital as map control.

With the CDL 2021 rostermania capturing the headlines, the multiplayer reveal looks set to make the next the season the most competitive and exciting yet.

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Image via Activision | Treyarch

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