The Blizzard Entertainment Vice President dropped a few teasers.

12:42, 26 Feb 2021

Whilst the pot stirs over the hob in which Overwatch 2 sits in, many of the devoted fans are clawing at any straws to see what's set to come in the next instalment of the franchise. After being revealed at Blizzcon 2019, it has now been two years in development. Despite further glimpses at the game including a first look at two brand-new maps, Rome and New York, and some unfamiliar faces during a brief showing at Blizzcon 2021, a whole community is purring over any slight leak or theory that could surface.

With anticipation rife theories such as the arrival of Soundquake and that the title will be 5v5 have made the rounds, proving the showcase to be successful in its intention to ramp up the excitement.

Going one step further, Blizzard Entertainment Vice President Jeff Kaplan spoke to Gamerant, to reveal that more content will be on its way prior to the grand reveal - although that's not to say that the current game is being neglected. 

The developers are learning from past mistakes this time around, with Kaplan saying the attitude is very much "Let's really show them what we're doing, and let's not be shy. Let's not hold back a bunch of stuff that we can tease out later or trickle out later."

He added "Because we know we're going to make new, cool stuff that we can tease out later and trickle out later. There are things I don't even know what they are yet today. But I have confidence in my team, over the next year we're going to come up with something cool".


Kaplan was keen to reiterate that Overwatch in its current state is not forgotten. Whilst all sails are propelling towards Overwatch 2, he insisted that lifeboats are being sent in to provide updates such as the previous additions of a new map and hero. Although another hero would delay Overwatch 2, Kaplan said "how the community talks about it is not actually fair. They hate it when I say that, by the way, and they'll criticize me for saying that. But they tend to talk in a little bit of dramatic hyperbole, which I like because I too talk in dramatic hyperbole".

"So, I feel like we're talking the same language. But they'll say, "Oh, that means we're not getting any new content for Overwatch 1." But I don't think that's a fair representation. I think we've actually done quite a lot of work for Overwatch, even since the BlizzCon 2019 announcement".

Overwatch 2 is set to land in 2022, with the Activision quarterly call ruling out any advancements into this year.



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Image via Blizzard Entertainment

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