It's a tough time for many industries worldwide

21:00, 20 Mar 2020

Coronavirus has enshrouded a majority of the world into its ailment. The number of cases is increasing each passing day at a rate greater than ever before. Cases have reached a point that World Health Organizations (WHO) have declared it to be a pandemic. A pandemic is a disease epidemic that has spread across a large region, for instance, multiple continents, or worldwide and according to the World Health Organization, a pandemic is declared when a new disease for which people do not have immunity spreads around the world beyond expectations.

A pandemic like COVID-19 is often followed by some consequences, and over a period of time, the World Community have had the opportunity to witness its consequences. Due to this virus, most countries have declared an emergency and adapted quarantine procedures for the containment of diseases. These procedures differ in their methods and are based upon the current number of cases, or the potential of COVID-19 spreading, especially if it’s a tourist place. Areas where the cases are extremely high, such as Italy, are facing a total lockdown; meanwhile, other countries practice a less strict quarantine. The quarantine resulted in the suspension of many events and in esports, there have been extensive ramifications for many leagues, teams and tournaments.


League of Legends has seen play suspended and tournaments moved. IEM Katowice was forced to be played without an audience. E3 has been suspended, and so is Overwatch League. Apex Legends Global Series First Major has also been suspended as a result. These events are amongst those in the long list of other events, which too have been suspended due to COVID-19.

This disease is contagious, which means that coming in contact with an infected person can be the method of its transmission. Offices have begun to close down in the pursuit of working from home to reduce contact and minimize the chances of its spread.

Ford, General Motors, and Fiat Chrysler have started telling non-factory employees to work remotely in order to avoid contracting and spreading the coronavirus, as the world comes to grips with a growing pandemic. Many esports organizations and Game Developing companies have begun to adopt a similar strategy.

In a Tweet posted on the 13 March, FaZe clan’s coach Hugh "DestinyJesus" Gilmour made a short statement saying he "tested positive for Coronavirus".

Following this, FaZe clan released a statement regarding COVID-19:

“In an effort to best keep our staff, employees, & families safe, effective immediately we are implementing a policy which fully enables all of our workers to remain home and not come into our FaZe Clan offices for the time being. Despite the change in our daily lives, we are going to use this time to double efforts in making sure the FaZe Clan content you know and love continues throughout all of our collective channels during this period of new-found free time.”


FaZe isn’t the only company which took measures to prevent its spread, Blizzard Entertainment also allowed employees to work from home. Blizzard has offices, distribution centres, and sales offices in Ireland, France, UK, Spain, and Italy to name but a few. With all those countries implementing varied levels of lockdowns or caution.

In a statement, Blizzard Entertainment said:

“To protect the health and safety of our employees, we are implementing work-from-home policies for our Irvine and Austin offices. Those in our other offices around the world have been or will be working from home as directed by local governments and health authorities.”

Educational institutions, such as colleges or schools, have begun operating online via Video Conferencing Software simulating class environment while quarantined to the boundaries of their home.

If we were to rewind ourselves three to four decades back and face a similar pandemic, there would be fewer facilities and self-isolation would’ve halted all the life process, destabilize major economies, and cause difficulties for students. But due to the miracle of technology, people nowadays do not have to face such circumstances and can still live a plausible life.

Images via Respawn Entertainment and Blizzard

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