Dataminers have found up to three new maps, two weapons, and some furry companions are on their way.

12:43, 12 Jan 2021

Following the success of the classic Black Ops maps Raid and Nuketown landing in the most recent Treyarch masterpiece, it appears that the developers are set to crank up the nostalgia a notch and bring some more familiar landscapes back to the fold.

Heading into Black Ops Cold War Season 2, dataminers have found new weapons, maps, and killstreaks that will be arriving.

Black Ops Cold War Season 2 New Maps

Dataminer "TheMW2Ghost", a renowned alias often leaking Call of Duty news, has revealed that the developers intend on remastering two classic maps and introduce one that has yet to be seen before.

Both Firing Range and Summit have been in a range of Black Ops games over the years, and Treyarch are set to revisit them again, back in the era when they were first made prominent. 

'Apocolypse' is set to be the new map that will filter into the rotation too, predicted to be for 6v6 gameplay. With a need for an additional competitive map looming larger by the day, this will be well-received should it suit either a fun respawn experience or boast lanes for tactical combat alike those used in Search and Destroy or Control.


Black Ops Cold War Season 2 New Weapons

Alongside new maps will come two new weapons, a familiar pattern to the Modern Warfare era. Season 1 saw the implementation of the deadly MAC-10 and the Groza Assault Rifle, and the next weapons will come from a different weapon family. 

According to Tom Henderson, another reliable dataminer, the two weapons set to land are a Sniper and Light Machine Gun. With a lack of different styles of sniping, this will come as a welcome addition. As for the LMG, this may be more tailored towards Warzone as we expect yet another meta change.

Despite this news, fans have had mixed emotions regarding the Dragunov. The sniper has yet to make any form of impact in the games where it has featured, apart from being an annoyance when grinding for the mastery camouflages. With other Treyarch favourites such as the Ballista and DSR being overlooked, many would have preferred another bolt-action with a bigger punch than the LW3-Tundra.

Black Ops Cold War Season 2 New Scorestreak

Akin to their implementation of the H.A.R.P (the Orbital VSAT / Advanced UAV) in Season 1, another previously visited killstreak will be coming at a high tier. The K9 Units capable of mass exodus "should be ready" for Season 2, according to the aforementioned TheMW2Ghost. 


It is still yet to be determined as to whether the dogs will come as a pack or a lone ranger, as both methods have been experimented with in the past.



Starting on February 24th at roughly 7am GMT, Season 2 is set to be a blast from the past.


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