All Black Ops Cold War Multiplayer Game Modes

All Black Ops Cold War Multiplayer Game Modes

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Jack Marsh


10th Nov 2020 16:37

Call of Duty: Black Ops War is almost within our grasp. With the year coming up looking as bright as the lights of Miami, players are itching to get their hands into the multiplayer lobbies and try out some of the brand new game modes, alongside some that are returning in their prime. 

It was previously announced that Control will be returning as a competitive game mode, and a brand new 40-player mode will be coming called Fireteam: Dirty Bomb will be available in casual playlists.

Upon launch, there will be a total of 12 Black Ops Cold War game modes available for players to run and gun on.

Returning Game Modes

The typical game modes consist of Team Deathmatch, Free-for-all, Search and Destroy, Kill Confirmed, Domination, Hardpoint, and Gunfight.  All seven will be featured in Black Ops Cold War having withstood the test of time and graced players for years. Surprisingly, Capture the Flag has not been listed as a game mode. The competitive playlists will consist of Hardpoint and Search and Destroy, with Domination being thrown into the wind and replaced by Control.

Cold War Multiplayer Game Modes - Control

First introduced in Black Ops 4, Control is a fairly new game mode, although it captured the hearts of Treyarch fans.

Control combines Search and Destroy and Hardpoint, having two objectives in the hands of the defending team. The attacking team will have a limited number of team lives to push into the objective within 90 seconds. With 30 lives being the benchmark at which the Black Ops Cold War beta consisted of, teams can win by eliminating all of the players or by capturing/defending the objectives. Defenders will win by fending off the attacking team, whilst if both objectives fall, the attacking team will win. Time will be extended with the capture of the first objective.

In a tactical team game, you'll have to split your forces wisely or deploy a secret agent to get in behind the enemy lines.

Cold War Multiplayer Game Modes
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Cold War Multiplayer Game Modes - VIP Escort

in this brand-new game mode, the objective is simple: escort your VIP to the exfil site. 

One player will be randomly assigned as the VIP, and will be limited to just a pistol. You will have to rely on your teammates to lead the way to one of two sites, and fend off any defenders or flanking enemies. Capturing the objective will mean the VIP will win, kill the VIP and the defending side will be victorious.

Cold War Multiplayer Game Modes - Combined Arms: Assault

Another Black Ops Cold War game mode that is brand-new to the franchise is Combined Arms: Assault.

This game mode will see two teams of 12 push forward to capture objectives that will gradually see you surge into enemy territory. In similar fashion to previous Ground War modes, the objective will be to force the enemy team back and capture objectives on the way. The objective is to gain territory and capture three points in the enemy lines, although the defence can push back. Should the game drag, a single neutral objective will act as the tie breaker.

Cold War Multiplayer Game Modes - Combined Arms: Domination 

Akin to Assault, this game mode will also be 12v12, but will follow the trend of a standard domination game.

Capture and hold the flags to earn points. The first to 400 wins.

Cold War Multiplayer Game Modes - Fireteam: Dirty Bomb

This 40-player lobby will pit ten teams of four against each other in one of two exclusive maps: Alpine or Ruka. 

In Fireteam: Dirty Bomb you will need to kill players and open Warzone-like chests to locate Uranium. The goal is to deposit Uranium in the bombs that are placed on the map until they are maxed out. Depositing Uranium will earn you points, and setting off the bomb will also give you a huge boost. With multiple waves of bomb sites, it becomes the first team to reach the point total that will be victorious. 


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