All of the 9 core missions and alternate endings within the Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Campaign.

03:35, 13 Nov 2020

The Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War campaign has seen the return of the franchises favourite bad-ass war veterans with the likes of Alex Mason and Sergeant Frank Woods featuring in ten action-packed missions. 

With the addition of a customisable protagonist for the first time in Call of Duty campaign history, players will be able to join forces with OP-40 who will now be operating under the command of President Ronald Reagan. Your character, by the nickname "Bell", will be catapulted into the depths of the Cold War, with the American forces and their allies looking to participate in proxy-wars, prevent the Soviet Union winning the Arms Race, and go up against the antagonist "Perseus" who is looking to capitalise on nuclear warfare.

With nine core missions followed by two alternate endings, here is a full list of the Black Ops Cold War campaign missions.

Note - Spoilers ahead, read on at your own peril.



President Ronald Reagan has authorised hits on two Iranian targets. After acquiring intel that they are residing in the Netherlands, Bell, Woods, Mason and co. are sent to the streets of Amsterdam where they intend to sweep their safe house and put a stop to their threatening behaviour. This mission does leave nowhere to run, but that doesn't mean that you can't drive...

Cold War Missions
Cold War Missions Nowhere Left To Run


Fracture Jaw gives us our first taste of the Viet Cong guerrilla warfare that was pivotal in the Cold War. In 1968, the CIA Orders Russell Adlers' SOG team to secure a valuable asset hidden in a Da Nang firebase, the former capital of the country. Plunging the team into the depths of Vietnam, you'll also get an overhead shot of the beautiful capital, albeit you'll be reigning fire on it from a chopper gunner.


The first stealth mission is introduced in Brick in the Wall. With a new stealth system implemented in the Black Ops Cold War campaign missions, Bell will be instructed to take down a Berlin-based Russian mobster by the name of Anton Volkov, who has heavy ties to Perseus. Make sure you're not seen as it’s kill or capture in Brick in the Wall.


The fourth mission sends the squad to a fourth country. This time, Woods and Bell infiltrate a secret facility in the Soviet Republic of Ukraine in search of intelligence about Perseus’ plans and whereabouts.

COLD WAR MISSIONS 5 - Echoes of the Cold War

From the gathered intel, Perseus has been found to be plundering an abandoned Yamantau base in search of information. With the squad heading to the mountains of Bashkortostan, Russia, soviet Major General Nikita Dragovich is left behind. Combining stealth with explosives, the only way out is by praying to the heavens.

Cold War Missions
Cold War Missions Echoes Of The Cold War

COLD WAR MISSIONS 6 - Desperate Measures

Moscow becomes the forefront of a big brain play by Russel Adler, as the “American Monster” CIA Agent has devised a risky plan to require the sleeper agent identities from the Lubyanka building. You’ll have to be slow and steady here, but expect things to get loud when it goes pear-shaped.

COLD WAR MISSIONS - End of the Line

Perseus has taken one step forward in the nuclear warfare race and is threatening Europe. With the Soviet Union striking fear into Europe, the team heads to Cuba in order to commandeer the stolen Green Light nuke from Perseus. 

COLD WAR MISSIONS 8 - Break On Through

In need of more information, OP 40 deploys Bell to search a mysterious bunker deep in the jungles of Vietnam. Bell will have learnt from the best when it comes to searching her own mind, with the numbers expert Mason by her side. The bunker reveals more than just its components. Upon the search, you might want to keep an ear out for the undead... 

Cold War Missions
Cold War Missions Break On Through

COLD WAR MISSIONS 9 - Identity Crisis

Mission 9 is the tipping point of all of the Black Ops Cold War campaign missions. After subjecting Bell to a dangerous interrogation, Russel Adler reveals the truth about Bell's past. Here you will have to trust your instincts and choose the fate of the world.

COLD WAR MISSIONS 10 - Alternate Ending 1 - The Final Countdown

After telling the truth about the whereabouts of Perseus, Bell leads the team to the Solovetsky island off the coast of Northern Russia. Here the team looks to thwart Perseus’ plan to set off his nuke’s, although the devil is slippery.

COLD WAR MISSIONS 10 - Alternate Ending 2 - Ashes to Ashes

Lying about the whereabouts of Perseus, Bell leads the team to the Duga radar array in the soviet republic of Ukraine. Bamboozling the Black Ops squad, you’ll have to finalise their fate in a brutal fashion. We hope you’ve got the stomach to betray what you built.


With this, the Black Ops Cold War campaign concludes, leaving scope to continue the storyline in either DLCs or when Treyarch takes the reigns again in two years time. 




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