COD Mobile Players Outraged Over Cost Of New Mythic Weapon

COD Mobile Players Outraged Over Cost Of New Mythic Weapon

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Jack Marsh


6th Nov 2020 13:22

Call of Duty: Mobile has launched a brand new mythic weapon, which comes to the game as the rarest gun. The new top-tier submachine gun, the Ascended Fennec, was widely anticipated by players as it offers a stunning reactive camo and awesome death effects, but fans have quickly sussed that the likelihood of reaping its full rewards is completely unjustified. 

The Mythic weapon launched on November 2 and can be unlocked through the Lucky Draw or by buying the whole bundle, which has lead to an outrage in the community. The chance of you landing on the Ascended Fennec is 0.08%, meaning that it can take 1250 spins to get your hands on the gun. The drop originally costs 30 CoD Points but will increase after every attempt. With ten draws, it is likely that the Ascended Fennec will be the last of your spins, and which can cost up to 14,740 CoD Points, equating to $136. 

The lucrative method of unlocking the weapon has already been described as "gambling" on Twitter which will cost players huge amounts of money on the microtransactions. But this is not even the extent of where your wallet will need to be put away.

To get the full usage of the new mythic weapon, players will have to pay again to level up the Ascended Fennec through "Mythic Cards".

Reddit user "ru5tysn4k3" had branded the price of the weapon as "disgusting" before divulging that “The Mythic weapon that you bought is like a regular Legendary unless you dish out another $100" on a viral thread. 

“The Mythic weapon that you bought is like a regular Legendary unless you dish out another $100.”

Others have also chipped in with scathing reviews, describing the cost as "Overpriced. Disgusting. Greedy".

Popular YouTuber "HawksNest" has also named the Ascended Fennec as the "most expensive skin ever". In his video, HawksNest claims it will cost nearly $300 to completely maximise the weapon, making it the most expensive gun in Call of Duty history.

Players have been advised to stay well clear if the bundle considering its expensive levelling method, although, the in-game guns look incredible and shred with the akimbo perk attached. 


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Image via Activision

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