Cloud9's CEO Jack Etienne has revealed he'd like to return to Rocket League in the future.

13:48, 11 Nov 2020

Back in June, Cloud9 shocked the esports world when they released their Rocket League roster, at the time consisting of Squishymuffinz, Gimmick and Torment - with Squishymuffinz finding a new home over at NRG.

Despite missing RLCS X, many fans have been wondering whether or not the NA organisation would be stepping back into the Rocket League esports ring. According to the org's CEO, a new team is likely to emerge in the near future. 

In a recent AMA, Cloud9 CEO Jack Etienne revealed that he would like to eventually return to Rocket League. Reddit user RobwobwobRL asked: "Hey Jack! Been a longtime fan of you/Cloud9. My question is, are there any plans to get back into Rocket League at all? Thanks for being the best in the scene, we're truly spoiled to have somebody like you running the org!", to which Etienne replied "Yes, we're looking into it. Thank you!"

However, despite the positive sentiments, fans aren't quite so convinced that Etienne's comments will actually come to fruition. One user said: "I can't say I'd put much stock into that comment. We know from what pros and some people tied to the scene have said in the past that many orgs, including big orgs are almost always looking at RL to either get in or get back in. FaZe has almost come in like twice now, NiP is always teasing, and we had a tier 1 org almost come back in the last trade window."

Another chimed: "Every org is looking into getting into every esport when the right time comes, it doesn't mean much without knowing when the right time will come."


The previous Cloud9 roster found success in Season 6, transcending to world champions. Since their departure, many have wished that they will return with a new team. Could we see them dip their toes in Europe and finally find a home for Top Blokes? 


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