Current World Champion, Clayster, has leapt to the defence of Control as the third competitive game mode.

09:53, 30 Nov 2020

With Black Ops Cold War reintroducing the trademark four versus four foundations of competitive Call of Duty, their decision to switch Domination for Control was one of the most well-received pieces of news within the community.

After a year of slugging it through meaningless Domination matches within the Call of Duty League 2020, professionals nearly voted the game mode off, until it was deemed too far into the season. 

Heading into the Black Ops Cold War season, the developers announced that Control will be joining Hardpoint and Search and Destroy as the three competitive game modes. However, after a turbulent start to the new era, Control has come under criticism. 

Current world champion, James "Clayster" Eubank has now leapt to the game modes defence, suggesting with a little bit of balancing with spawns, Control will be much better to play. Taking to Twitter, Clayster stated, "Honestly, there’s a couple Narnia spawns that will be (hopefully) cleaned up and with 45s capture time, offence becomes much easier".

With the criticism of Control, and Domination being a redundant choice, OpTic Chicago content creator Davis "Hitchariide" Edward threw the choice of returning Capture the Flag back into the mix, stating "I’m a CTF stan but I’m trying to think of CTF garrison it’s hurting my brain". Clayster also shut this down by saying "Control I feel like is a competitive game-mode from the core up, except for overtime rules".


With the Call of Duty League in the most exciting place it ever has been, choosing the correct balance for Control will be paramount to its success. Clayster's suggestions could be just what is needed to perfectly balance Control.


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