Will we have to wait for Season 6?

15:00, 21 May 2020

Season 5 of Apex Legends crash-landed onto all platforms on May 12th, bringing with it a new Legend (Loba), significant map changes (so long, Skull Town) and plenty of gun meta changeups. But, what it didn’t bring with it were the rumoured class-specific abilities.

First talked about back in March 2020, ILootGames leaked abilities for “every Legend” in a YouTube video. These included different perks and abilities for each class of Legend; Support, Recon, Defensive and Offensive. Some of these leaks and rumours have rung true, such as the blue supply bins for use by the Support class of Lifeline and Loba (as it was then, just Lifeline) and extra Defensive perks (reviving a downed teammate would give them shields).

When the inventory update hit Apex, meaning that health and ordnance items no longer stacked in the same way, this was linked to leaks for the Offensive class perk – two special inventory slots for grenades. So far, this hasn’t been added to the game.

The Recon class beacon usage perk is the most talked about, rumoured to provide Bloodhound and Crypto with the same ability as Pathfinder.

Apex dataminer Shrugtal recently provided a thread on the class-specific perk system on his Twitter, including animations, code strings and more.

Updating what we already know, Shrugtal gave us more information backing up the claims that these class-specific abilities are coming, we just don’t know when.

One of these is added code lines relating to audio for the Beacon, as well as the animation for Bloodhound using the aforementioned.

As for the Defensive perk, the “restoring 50 shields” code is present in Shrugtal’s datamining reports.

Shrugtal himself provided some insight into when he personally believes these changes will come to Apex Legends, saying “I suspect that they’ll slowly be phased in as balance changes, since the Lifeline one is already in the game” and that it may be fully integrated in Season 6.


Image via Respawn Entertainment

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