Cheaters and hackers are ruining Call of Duty Warzone amidst KEEMSTAR's Warzone Wednesdays.

19:00, 02 Apr 2020

This week saw the second instalment of KEEMSTARS Warzone Wednesdays. Following the success of last week’s first round, the second week was filled with more stars looking to get their hands on the $20k prize

Reigning champions JoshOG, Huskerrs and Diegosaurs maintained their devastating competitive form to be week 2 champions, having now won both tournaments. Racking up an incredible 392 kills in two weeks the trio are worthy winners. This week they pipped Ninja, King Richard and TSM Albralelie to the post.

However, there were many complaints of cheating within the lobbies.

Both Ninja and Vikkstar voiced their opinions on hackers and cheater affecting their games and therefore the Warzone Wednesday tournament. Ninja posted “Got second place in Wednesday Warzone! Hackers killed us game 2 2nd circle”, and KEEMSTAR himself lodged a tweet towards Activision and Infinity Ward sharing a message sent from Vikkstar stating “[my] whole squad killed twice by hackers…”, clearly showing that hacking had taken over Warzone.

Whilst warming up for the tournament, Nadeshot, TimTheTatman and CourageJD came across a hacker after Nade became victim to ‘the most sophisticated hacks I have ever seen’. You can see the insane aimbot below as the hacker racks up 49 kills, shooting people from across the map.

The hacking has ruined many people’s streams and has now taken over competitions such as Warzone Wednesday. As the only way of hosting Warzone tournaments is through public matches, there has been a call for Activision and Infinity Ward to step up their control over such hacks and introduce retrospective action towards those players.

Activision has said that ‘There’s no place for cheating in games. Warzone has zero-tolerance for cheaters.', adding that they will be banning anyone found cheating.

After issuing this statement on their official website on Tuesday, it is clear that there needs to be an increase in security to stop hackers such as those last night. Many streamers have fallen in love with the game but are becoming increasingly restless at being killed by hackers, meaning the popularity of the game will be severely hindered if Activision.

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Images via Activision

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