Celebrities We Want To See Play Among Us - And A Few That Already Have

Celebrities We Want To See Play Among Us - And A Few That Already Have

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Coleman Hamstead


31st Oct 2020 19:30

Over the past few months, a little-known indie game by the name of Among Us has taken the world by storm. For two years, Among Us was nothing but a niche game with a cult following. However, thanks to a couple of streamers, the game was essentially revived overnight. In late September, the game peaked at over three million concurrent players.

A month later and the hype has not slowed down a bit. Among Us is receiving attention at levels parallel to Fortnite’s prime. Similar to Fortnite, a notable amount of that attention is coming from mainstream celebrities. One, in particular, goes by the name of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, or AOC. AOC made a splash last week when she hopped into an Among Us game with some of the biggest content creators the streaming world has to offer. 

Thankfully for fans, AOC streamed the experience from her point-of-view (POV). AOC’s stream capped out at around 435,000 peak viewers. This number rivals that of the most popular streams ever recorded.

This momentous incident had us thinking… what other celebs should try out Among Us? What actors, musicians, and/or political figures would make for good Crewmates and Imposters? First, let’s take a look at other famous celebrities that have already spent some time in the sinister spaceships of Among Us.

James Charles 

James Charles, popular makeup artist turned YouTube star, recently branched off and tried out some Among Us. It all started when James Charles tweeted out, “ok I wanna try playing among us hahaha who wants to play.” Right away, Charles was bombarded with replies. Huge content creators such as Valkyrae, WILDCAT, CouRageJD, and Disguised Toast all reached out with invites. Soon enough, Charles was in a lobby with some of the biggest Among Us streamers in the game. This was an awesome collaboration mixing two entirely different industries.


Legendary Hip hop/R&B artist, T-Pain, has dipped his toes into the Among Us craze. T-Pain is no stranger to streaming. T-Pain was actually one of the first celebrities to venture into video game streaming. T-Pain joined Twitch in 2014 and has amassed over 420K followers on the platform.

Back in early September, T-Pain gave Among Us a go. And to the surprise of many, he wasn’t too bad. Sifting through some of T-Pain’s gameplay, and he makes some 200 IQ moves for a newbie.

Soulja Boy

Here we have another famous Hip hop artist in Soulja Boy. Soulja Boy has been making his rounds in Twitch highlight compilations. The iconic rapper started out playing NBA 2K but has since expanded into games like Old School RuneScape and now, Among Us. As of this writing, Soulja Boy has over 580K followers on Twitch.

Soulja Boy is known for his colourful personality and it certainly translates to his gaming content. There’s already a plethora of clips and highlights out there showcasing some of Soulja Boy’s absolutely hilarious Among Us gameplay. Whether he’s a Crewmate or an Imposter, Soulja Boy is a joy to watch.

Celebrities We want to see play Among Us

Barack Obama

Shortly after AOC’s monumental stream, Disguised Toast decided to shoot his shot with the former President of the United States, Barack Obama. Disguised Toast tagged Obama in a tweet with the caption, “hey @BarackObama you wanna play Among Us?” If this were to happen, it would almost certainly break every viewership record possible. As of now, Obama has not responded. However, you’ll never know if you don’t ask, so kudos to Toast for reaching out.

Gordon Ramsay

Regardless of which side of the Atlantic you’re on, you most likely know of Gordon Ramsay. He's the British celebrity chef known for his blunt and fiery personality.

Typically, working as a chef is not an illustrious job. However, Gordon Ramsay transcended into a pop culture icon. Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are loaded with Gordon Ramsay memes.

Gordon Ramsay on Among Us would be nothing but unadulterated content. Ramsay would likely toss and turn, throwing out random expletives if he were to be accused falsely of being an Imposter. On the contrary, we could picture a world where Ramsay uses his bold personality to play the lobby into his hands.

Daniel Radcliffe

Daniel Radcliffe is an English actor best known for his role in the Harry Potter film series. Unknown to many, Radcliffe is actually a bit of a gamer. Earlier this year, Radcliffe was spotted in Animal Crossing after visiting a random Twitter user’s island.

In the movies, Radcliffe is tasked with portraying Harry Potter. As anyone who’s read the books or watched the films knows, Harry is modest and full of integrity; two traits not at all fitting of an Imposter looking to brutally murder a ship’s Crewmates.

By participating in an Among Us match, fans would get to see Radcliffe in a completely different light. The character known for his purity would be forced to lie and deceive. And he’d likely be great at it! Radcliffe is a professional actor after all - and how can you not trust Harry Potter?

Post Malone

Post Malone is a musical artist known for hit songs like White Iverson, Congratulations, and Rockstar. Outside of music, Post Malone is heavily invested in gaming. In fact, Post Malone was a gamer before he was a singer/rapper.

After finding success as a musical artist, Post Malone returned to his roots. In August of this year, Post Malone became a co-owner of Envy, one of the most decorated organisations in all of esports. In turn, Post Malone became co-owner of both the Dallas Fuel and reigning Call of Duty League champions, the Dallas Empire.

As of now, Post Malone can already be found streaming games like PUBG and Warzone. So, why not try out Among Us? Surly Post Malone could serenade the lobby with his soothing voice. Maybe we should all tune into his next stream and kindly demand he gives Among Us a go.

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Henry Cavill

Rounding out our dream Among Us roster, we have none other than Henry Cavill. Most readers will know Cavill for his roles as Superman and Geralt of Rivera from the Witcher Netflix series.

Like many others on this list, Cavill is an avid gamer. His appearance may fool you, but he’s actually a self-proclaimed nerd on the inside. Cavill has admitted to the presence of a “man cave” at home where he indulges in secluded gaming pleasure. Additionally, A video of Cavill building a gaming PC by hand went viral earlier this year.

Well, no better way to test the power of a new PC than with a few games of a 2D indie game like Among Us right? Cavill has been quoted stating, “gaming on my own is much more fun than going out." Cavill prefers the solitude of gaming compared to the constant attention he receives out in the world.

In Among Us, Cavill can be completely anonymous. A game all about deception allows players to take on whatever role they’d like. The only difference is that instead of going out into the real world, Cavill will need to avoid being ejected out into space.

What do you think of our celebrity Among Us roster? Was there anyone we missed? Let us know on Twitter @GGReconEsports.

Images via twitch.tv/aoc | instagram.com/henrycavill

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