The Call of Duty League has reportedly stopped Hecz rebranding the Chicago Huntsmen.

17:20, 19 Oct 2020

The Call of Duty League has reportedly denied Hector "H3CZ" Rodriguez from rebranding the Chicago Huntsmen to Chicago OpTic Gaming after he recently reacquired the branding rights.

The man behind the rise of OpTic Gaming recently bought back the branding rights and the CDL spot and has looked to either rebrand the OpTic Gaming Los Angeles team or divest the spot to another organisation, again, pending league approval. According to the Esports Insider's Jake Lucky, the league has blocked the application to rebrand the team, announcing that Hecz will keep OpTic Gaming Los Angeles as part of NRG, and will look to sell the Chicago Huntsmen. 

The information comes to Jake Lucky from a "trusted source", and has stated that that the branding which Hecz will now look to sell will be the Chicago Huntsmen. Lucky states "the league may not allow the OpTic Gaming brand to leave the city. Apparently, the league is making it so the brand has to stay within the cities, meaning the Huntsmen will have to stay in Chicago and OpTic will have to stay in Los Angeles".

He added, "This means that NRG [owners of the Chicago Huntsmen brand with Hecz as Co-CEO] will acquire the OpTic Gaming Los Angeles team and spot and thus sell the Chicago Huntsmen to anyone else or a newcomer who wants to come into the league". 

With the OpTic brand having to stay in Los Angeles, this means that Hecz's proposal of "Chicago OpTic Gaming" has been rejected. This means that NRG will acquire OGLA, and will have to sell Chicago Huntsmen.


As for the players, it is unclear whether any transfers between Chicago Huntsmen and OpTic Gaming will be allowed, especially after the Huntsmen recently tied down players with new contracts, and even signed Brandon "Dashy" Otell from OpTic. Should NRG acquire OGLA, they will also inherit the squad, unless a transfer can be made between NRG and the new brand.

Lucky also stated that LA Thieves will unlikely be returning to the CDL. After former OpTic pioneer and now Owner of 100 Thieves, Matthew "Nadeshot" Haag, took his proposal to the board, Lucky revealed that it appears that the organisation have not aligned with Nade, presumably due to the same financial restrictions that have stopped them joining so far.



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