Some of the Challengers' more esteemed players have called for the league to be reversed back onto console.

13:11, 22 Jan 2021

Prior to the Black Ops Cold War release, the Call of Duty League announced that the next season of competitive play will be moving to PC, with the amateur Challengers series also supporting cross-play between PC and consoles. 

However, as the pre-season exhibitions and early unofficial competitions have proven, PC play is throwing around some major complications for the Challengers scene.

Despite the second-tier of Call of Duty esports often flying under the radar, the importance of the player development cannot be forgotten. As the top-tier CDL sides have recognised, players such as Paco "HyDra" Rusiewiez, Travis "Neptune" McCloud, Luis "Fire" Rivera, and most recently, Conor "Diamondcon" Johst has made the step up and finding themselves on teams amongst the best 48 players in the world. 

The switch to four versus four limited the progression of some players moving up, and saw a large number of esteemed professionals stepping down into Challengers, mainly on academy rosters. One of these players is Doug "Censor" Martin, previously of New York Subliners and FaZe Clan. 

With the scene not always in the limelight, the move to PC has opened the path for cheaters and hackers to worm their way in, and Censor has now implored that the league needs to switch back to console in order to survive.


Speaking on Twitter, Censor argued that "Two weeks ago there was a proven hacker who got banned permanently for cheating in the cup. They made a really great team place top 32 who is probably good enough to win and be in the pro league [regardless of cheating] – there are pros and ex-pros in that team as well". 

"There’s nothing stopping me or anyone right now from paying $20 on the internet and getting hacks, and literally being able to see everyone on the map,” Censor added. “It’s crazy to me that we’re dealing with this, and competitive integrity is out of the window right now.”

The only way to prevent this is by getting back on console. The problems in the scene were also highlighted by a casting eye from World Champion Ian "CrimsiIx" Porter, and it's clear that the more experienced heads in the league are calling for some protection.


With the Challengers league already underway ahead of the CDL's curtain-raiser, Activision evidently has a lot to consider. 



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