The Call of Duty League players think COVID-19 ripped through the scene after Launch Weekend.

14:49, 20 Oct 2020

Call of Duty League players have been speculating on Twitter that COVID-19 impacted them during the Minnesota Rokkr Launch Weekend back in January of this year.

Reports coming from numerous players and other personalities in attendance suggest that the virus made its way through the scene at the opening event of the Call of Duty League - however this has not been confirmed. 

The Minnesota Rokkr Launch Weekend was all the way back on January 24-26, way before COVID-19 reached the publicity that it gets today. However, countless players around the time stated they had been "the sickest they've ever been", and a member of the New York Subliners roster has now tested positive for COVID-19 antibodies, which he's traced back to the event.

Nick "happy" Suda has stated on Twitter that he "tested positive for Covid antibodies" adding that he thought it could be traced back to the Minnesota event. Whilst happy does state that he believes it was from the Launch Weekend, it is possible that the player could have had a separate illness and been asymptomatic to the virus, contracting it at a later date without knowing. 

His former teammate Trei "Zero" Morris replied stating: "We shared that room hahaha I knew you had something serious", adding fuel to the fire, whilst others such as CODCaster Miles Ross questioned him by asking: "Whoa, how does the test know it was from MN?".


Amongst the speculation though, a number of players fell ill after the event. Back in March, Call of Duty pioneer Matthew "Nadeshot" Haag spoke out about the virus, which prompted players such as Dillon "Attach" Price to claim: "I had the same exact symptoms after our tournament in Minnesota. The sickest I've ever been". Tyler "FeLo" Johnson who was in attendance also replied stating: "Post Minnesota had me the sicked I've been in YEARS". 

Other pros such as Justin "Silly" Fargo-Palmer of the Minnesota Rokkr have also come forward and said that they were ill prior to the event, stating "I was the sickest i've ever been a couple weeks before the first event", and CDL Challenger Ashley "MiDNiTE" Glassel said she "had a similar illness in early January," prior to attending the event.

Whether it was coronavirus is yet to be determined, although it does go to show that switching to online was almost certainly in the best interests of the players.



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Image via Call of Duty League | Minnesota Rokkr

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