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15:55, 14 Jul 2020

With just two home series left before champs, the London Home Series is set to be pivotal in the seasons' outcome, where points are absolutely crucial. The Florida Mutineers return after their week off, coming in from off back-to-back home series wins before their break. Reigning champions, New York Subliners, also feature looking to get their second chip. Down the other end of the table, 10 points could be the difference between the lower bracket and the round 1, meaning everything is to play for. Will the Mutineers get their hands on the chip to take them into the top two, or will Dallas Empire run riot and book their place in round two of the World Championships? With everything to play for, this week is set to be a cracker.

You can find the Call of Duty League Standings, Team Rosters, Rules, full schedule and all of our recaps at our full Call of Duty League 2020 hub.

If you fancy a quick taster of what's to come, here are the top five plays from the Paris Legion home series:


In previous Call of Duty news, the Call of Duty League was taken online, rather than LAN events in a stadium. Due to the Coronavirus, all future events in the CDL schedule will be played online and will be broadcasted live on the official Call of Duty League Youtube Channel. Instead of having each Home Series in the cities of the hosts, each team will gather in their team house for communication, and join an online game versus the other team, with your favourite CoD personalities such as Maven joining as Codcaster and commentating. Since the first Home Series to adapt this (Dallas Series) many teams adapted well, however, some players do experience lag, which has been the main negative of the CDL so far.

The London Royal Ravens Home Series will follow suit, as will every following Home Series and the World Championships. With eight series left to complete there will be a series every two weeks, spreading from Friday to Sundays.

London Royal Ravens Home Series Live stream and repeats:

You can find all the action from each day's live stream here below.

CDL London Stream Day One:

CDL London Stream Day Two:

CDL London Stream - Finals & Warzone Weekends:


Group A

  • Florida Mutineers
  • London Royal Ravens
  • OpTic Gaming Los Angeles
  • Seattle Surge

Group B

  • Dallas Empire
  • Los Angeles Guerrillas
  • New York Subliners
  • Paris Legion

Reigning champions New York Subliners are back alongside the previous winners, Florida Mutineers, with Atlanta Faze and Chicago Huntsmen will be watching from home, alongside Toronto Ultra, and Minnesota Rokkr.


Matches will kick off on Friday 10th July at 9pm, with the first four matches.

Day One Fixtures:

  • Friday 17th July, 6pm GMT - Dallas Empire vs Paris Legion
  • Friday 17th July, 7:30pm GMT - Seattle Surge vs London Royal Ravens
  • Friday 17th July, 9pm GMT - Los Angeles Guerrillas vs New York Subliners
  • Friday 17th July, 10:30pm GMT - Florida Mutineers vs OpTic Gaming Los Angeles

The London Royal Ravens home series will be played at earlier times, such as the Paris Legion home series did a month ago. To fit in with the european audience of the hosts, Day one will kick off three hours earlier than normal. Day Two will kick off as per usual, at 6pm GMT on Saturday 18th July, with six games in total. The final day begins on Sunday 12th July at 7pm, featuring the two semi-finals and the Grand Final. Warzone Weekends will also feature on Sunday before the semi-finals.


The Bracket for the London Home Series is as follows:


The brackets mean that the two favourites, Chicago Huntsmen and Atlanta FaZe can only meet in the final, in which could be an electric first meeting between the two. Key points will be available in both Group A and B, with London, New York and Rokkr battling it out with Chicago for a place in the semi-finals from Group A. Group B will most likely see FaZe cruise through, but with 10 or 20 points available for Toronto, LAG and Paris, the matchups here can set the premise for the remainder of the season.


With just two series left including this weekend, here's how the league currently stands...

CDLStandings13 07PNG1

Florida Mutineers have the chance to go joint top in their quest to be champions, with a win here at the London Home Series. With FaZe and the Huntsmen being on the sidelines, points in and around the top four will be crucial. A win for Dallas will also see them surpass the Huntsmen, meaning everything is to play for. The hosts, LRR, have all but cemented their place in the top eight but could capitalise on the Rokkr's recent slump in form to jump into sixth and grab a considerably easier first match in the World Championships. At the bottom, just 20 points separate OpTic Gaming and bottom-placed Seattle Surge and Los Angeles Guerrillas, with Paris Legion also in the mix. A string of two wins here for any side will see them jump up the standings. A huge week for those at the bottom.

Visit our full Call of Duty League hub to check out recaps on every event so far, the most recent league standings, rules and team rosters, and stay tuned here on this page for the London home series updates.

All Images via the Call of Duty League

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