An esports themed cosmetics pack has been found in the game files.

12:20, 01 Jul 2020

As the inaugural season of the Call of Duty League enters its final stages and focus turns towards the season-ending championship, a new cosmetics bundle has been leaked to celebrate the season finale along with a total of 55 player signatures, new calling cards and sprays for each of the 12 franchise teams.

Following the Season 4 Reloaded update which went live across all platforms on June 29th, the new bundle was discovered within the files of Modern Warfare.

What's Included?

The “CDL Champs 2020 Pack” includes a total of three weapon blueprints equipped with “pro-approved attachments” and two new weapon charms in the form of the championship ring and what looks like the winning trophy.

It is impossible to tell what attachments come with the new blueprints but with a radical change in the competitive metagame, there is a chance that the attachments, particularly on the M4, could change before the bundle is officially released. 

The inclusion of what could be a new trophy could signal the end of an era for the tall trophy with the globe sitting atop, which has been handed to the winning team since the very first world championship held in 2013.

CDL Champs Cosmetics Pack

Player Signatures!

The champs cosmetic pack wasn't the only thing that was discovered. 55 player signatures from across all the franchise teams will also be coming to the game in time for the biggest tournament of the season. Alongside, the signatures, brand-new sprays and calling cards will be making their debut.

Some calling cards offer a unique way for players to represent their team while others like the Dallas Empire card play on their online dominance throughout the season.

CDL Champs Cosmetics Pack

Images via Minnesota Rokkr, Reddit & CDL Intel

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