Apex Legends' devs reveal Caustic is likely to be nerfed next.

11:11, 08 Feb 2021

Since the entrance of the dynamite-infused legend to a new look Kings Canyon, Fuse has begun to make quakes within the legend pool, especially with the likes of Bangalore missing out on some love and Horizon hype hoppers looking to jump on the new trend.

However, another wave of legends is becoming increasingly popular in Apex Legends, almost encasing the maps like a dark green cloud. Caustic mains have become much more effective thanks to a recent buff which lets teammates see easily through the smoke and the developers have noticed a resurgence of the gas maniac now that he is "undeniably strong".

Having found to be the legend with the highest win rate in games that last over 20 minutes - typically those in the higher ranks where kill races are less common and the final circles often endured - Caustic has never been more effective. Ranked playlists and competitive matches are often a caustimania, and in a recent AMA on Reddit, the developers answered back to why he has yet to be nerfed. 

Respawn's Associate Live Balance Designer, John Larson, stated: "I think ever since the change to gas allowed teammates to play in gas with relatively no repercussions, there was a lot of unrealised potential that was quickly tapped into within the past couple months".

"Long story short, we hear the community feedback, as a player I feel it's valid, the data backs up that he's strong, and he'll be getting some attention in the near future".

Caustic Set To Be Nerfed Next In Apex Legends

The calls for a nerf come directly from the game style that this encourages. Whilst he is very damaging, Caustic is a defensive legend often used to cloud out teams rotating in from certain paths or angles. The conservative trap master often encourages players to camp, creating boring gameplay. Combined with Wattson Interceptor Plylons and even a Gibraltar for added defence or Wraith for utility reasons, Caustic mains seldom move from different locations, dominating their chosen fortress.


As for the changes to come to him, these are yet to be disclosed. Larson was quick to end the conversation without showing more of Respawn's cards. 

For now, stay clear of the bellowing bunker unless you want to be choking on a wretched stench and have your eyebrows disintegrated within seconds.



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Image via Respawn Entertainment

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