In the latest Call of Duty Intel drop, Activision has all but confirmed that Captain Price will be coming to Modern Warfare in Season 4

15:31, 22 May 2020

As Modern Warfare Season 4 edges closer, Activision has all but confirmed that Captain Price will be coming to your screens, most likely as the Tier 100 Battle Pass reward.

In recent Call of Duty news, Activision sent out a cryptic email hinting towards Modern Warfare Season 4. The video contained campaign characters Nikolai and Laswell intercepting a message between campaign antagonists Victor Zakhaev and Khaled Al-Asad.

Within the video, the Russian and Saudi-Arabian Ultranationalists discuss an enemy ‘senior operator’ who is heading towards Verdansk. The image that is sent over, although you cannot see his face, is easily identifiable as Captain Price, sporting his cowboy hat which he is often seen wearing throughout the Modern Warfare campaigns.

Price will come as the third campaign character to come to multiplayer in Modern Warfare Season 4, joining Ghost and Alex, who had been included in Season 2 and 3 respectively. The campaign hero will definitely be a popular choice for fans, as the main character throughout the series of Modern Warfare campaigns.

What else do we learn?

A new weapon?

From the released video, it seems that a new weapon will be coming in Modern Warfare Season 4 too. Looking like a Sub Machine Gun or small Assault Rifle, the weapon appears to be in a similar mould to the Bizon. With the long barrel, it looks like this weapon will be an accurate fully automatic weapon, which will be accessible in Warzone, as well as multiplayer.

Verdansk is here to stay?

Rumours have been rife with what will happen to the map in Warzone. It was originally rumoured that we may see an entirely new map based in Urzikistan, however, with the opening of the bunkers, and changes with the Gulag happening so close to the end of the season, it has become likely that Verdansk will stay. The released video from Activision all but confirms this, with an image of the Verdansk map being visible.

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Is Bunker 11 going to blow up the Dam?

In recent times, the bunkers have opened in Warzone, and withing ‘Bunker 11’ there is a nuke. In the video released by Activision, the image of the Verdansk map is directly on Bunker 11, and if you look at the text at the beginning, the ultranationalists are called the ‘Atomic Unit’. The image of Verdansk is on the screen on Zakhaev, with a player’s cursor in Bunker 11, indicating that they are working with the Nuke. With changes to the map being inevitable, it is likely that we may see the atomic bomb destroy parts of the map, such as the Dam, with water being cast across Verdansk. This also ties into the Season 3 loading screen, which is a video of water gushing down the Dam.

With Modern Warfare Season 4 due on June 2nd, this is the first glimpse of a content update the Activision has given us.

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Image via Activision

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