Here's how to cancel your Fortnite Crew membership if you've had enough of Epic Games' subscription service.

15:38, 26 Jan 2021

Back in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4, Epic Games Worldwide Creative Director Donald Mustard promised Season 5 would change the battle royale favourite "forever". While some assumed the imminent departure of Marvel's Galactus would lead to another map-destroying even similar to Chapter 1's "The End", it looks like Mustard was referring to the Fortnite Crew subscription service.

For £9.99/$11.99, players are lured in by the tempting promise of exclusive skin, the Battle Pass, and other bonuses. It all sounds great on paper, but with service heading into its third month, and criticisms mounting, there's a growing number of fans who want to know how they can cancel their Fortnite Crew membership. 

Following the reveal of the cosmic Galaxia bundle as part of December's Fortnite Crew, there was then the underwhelming release of Green Arrow. Although some love the DC Comics character, many felt it was an underwhelming choice, especially considering the DC-themed "Last Laugh" bundle was boasting Poison Ivy and Joker. How hard would it have been to add Batman to Fortnite Crew? February's pack has just confirmed Fox Clan member Vi alongside the usual 1,000 V-bucks and other in-game items.

In theory, Fortnite Crew offers plenty of bang for your V-buck at the start of each season because it also includes access to the Battle Pass, but as the months go on, you're effectively just paying for a skin. Unless it's something totally unique and amazing, the idea of the Fortnite Crew membership has slowly started to lose its appeal. Don't worry though; it's easy to cancel your Fortnite Crew membership. 

How do you cancel Fortnite Crew?

Unlike some subscription services that lock you into a year-long contract with the promise of being slightly cheaper than paying monthly, Fortnite Crew works on a month-by-month basis. This means cancelling is just a few buttons away. If you've had enough of your Fortnite Crew and want to go back to the old ways of Fortnite, follow these simple steps: 

  • Open Fortnite
  • Scroll to Item Shop
  • Head down to Fortnite Crew section
  • Click "Cancellation Info"
  • Chose "Leave Fortnite Crew" and go through the confirmation process

Membership will continue until the end of the month, but you won't be charged for your next month's Fortnite Crew subscription on the renewal date. Better yet, you'll still get to keep any items and skins you've collected over your subscription. If you want to check out Vi in February but are sure you're done with Fortnite Crew after that, leave your subscription running until February 1, then follow the steps above to cancel.


Do you have to pay to cancel Fortnite crew?

Thankfully, Epic promises that cancelling Fortnite Crew won't cost you a penny. There's also the added bonus that you can rejoin any time for free. When the next season comes out (hopefully) on March 15, you could always sign up to Fortnite Crew again to received your Battle Pass and a new skin pack. Added to this, the mid-month date could mean you make the most of a Fortnite Crew exploit where some were getting access to two skins for the price of one.


Epic has already said it's working on bringing "more cool content and features" to Fortnite Crew, hinting that the development team has at least been listening to our complaints. Still, many think Fortnite Crew is the future of the game and a great way to get some extra V-bucks, the Battle Pass, and exclusive skins that Epic promises will never make it into the shop.

If you're still not sold, and are sure you still want to cancel your Fortnite Crew subscription, go ahead. It really is that easy.



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